American confused about how to pronounce Greggs – & people are left in stitches

Greggs is one of the nation's favourite bakeries.

From bargain sausage rolls to festive steak bakes – what is not to love about Greggs.

Many Brits hold the pastry chain close to their hearts, so it is no surprise that this American quickly became fond of the store.

However, despite their new found love for the bargain bakery, the American had quite the mix up with one major detail.

The American in question, Gabrielle Marcelleus thought that Greggs was pronounced “GR eggs.”

Gabrielle took to TikTok under the username @gabby_marcellus to share her shocking British discovery.

“Ok guys, one of my favorite places to go is this place called GR eggs,” Gabrielle first hilariously tells viewers.

“If you are looking for a really great place to go for breakfast in England then go to GR eggs.”

As she started to list off Greggs or should we say ‘GR egg’s’ menu, she was interrupted by a concerned Brit.

Clarifying the pronunciation whilst donning a grin, the Brit told the American that she is in fact wrong.

Gabrielle then started to question herself as she appeared confused, and of course the Brit could not help but laugh in the background.

Since being posted a week ago, the video has now racked up 3.5 million views and 446,000 likes.

Left in fits of laughter at the American’s attempt of pronouncing Greggs, many people fled to the comments to correct her.

One person commented: “You did not just pronounce greggs like that…I AM HURT RN.”

Another user added: “Why would you assume it’s GR eggs? There’s no gap??”

Whilst a third person joked: “If she likes it there she’ll love st arbucks.”

Someone else mocked: “What in your brain separates the GR from eggs. I’m just not getting it lol.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person remarked: “I want to cry, do some people really call it GR eggs??”

The hilarious post comes after another American tried Greggs for the first time recently – and is now considering ditching the US.

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