Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Diverse Ways He’s Earned His Fortune

Arnold has been the heartthrob of fans ever since the 1980s and still manages to startle the audiences with his performance. He has also gathered a massive fortune throughout his career, and it is fascinating how he earns and spends his money.

Born in the village of Thal, Austria, in 1947, Arnold Schwarzenegger was born to a local police chief and a homemaker. Despite hailing from a humble background, Arnold was destined for greatness. Although his father wanted Arnold to become a cop like him, he chose to walk the path of bodybuilding and has come a long way from where he began. Today, Arnold is a bodybuilder, model, actor, businessman, politician, and the owner of $400 million.

Spends: Real Estate

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Arnold has spent over $2 million on a colossal luxury estate in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, California. He chose this for its panoramic views of the hills on one side and the sight of the oceanic waters on the other. The mansion came with all the luxury amenities that one can think of; however, its picturesque location makes it exclusive.

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Schwarzenegger also spent a major chunk quarantining this beautiful mansion before putting it up for sale for a whopping price of about $12.9 million. Apart from this, he also has a fancy home in Austria which is now converted into a museum for tourists and fans to study his early life by paying a visit.

Earns: Acting And Bodybuilding Career

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Arnold Schwarzenegger began his career with bodybuilding, after which he tried his luck in Hollywood. He has bagged the prestigious title of ‘Mr. Universe’ 5 times and Mr. Olympia Title 7 times before beginning with his acting career.

In the start, Arnold’s acting career was not extraordinarily successful. His first movie, Hercules Goes to New York, was not a hit, and he made about $10,000 from his role. His big break came with the 1982 movie Conan The Barbarian, which cemented his position in the film industry as a strong contender. His movies grossed on average $3 million henceforth, and he has also performed in famous titles like The Terminator in 1984 and then in The Running Man, Red Heat, and The Predator.

Spends: Cars And Yachts

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It can be assumed that Arnold Schwarzenegger has one of the fanciest car collections among his celebrity peers. Amongst his most memorable ones is the military wagon Hummer 1, which he bought from the Austrian army when he was serving in it. In addition, he also owns a Mercedes Benz Unimog, which cost him about $250,000. Likewise, he also owns a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster worth $500,000 and a Bentley Continental GTC, which cost him about $275,000.

Looking at his garage, it is evident that he is keen on owning the best of automobiles. Arnold also possesses a couple of fancy jets and yachts. The yacht can also be rented for about $2500 per hour.

Earns: Political Career

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is truly a versatile figure in the limelight and has succeeded in almost everything, including acting, bodybuilding, politics, and his investments. Another thing that Arnold is passionate about is politics.

He has been a part of the Republican party for a while now and is known for his famous speech in 2004 about why he chose the Republican party. In 2003, Arnold publicly announced in The Tonight Show his intention of running for the governor of California, and the same year he got appointed as the governor. He served for almost nine years in the office and made about $175,000 per year.

Spends: Arnold Sports Festival And Philanthropy

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a multi-millionaire and spends generously on noble deeds. He is big on philanthropy, and the money he earns from his political career is all used for philanthropy. He spent his annual salary of $175,000 from serving as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011 completely on charitable causes.

Some of the organizations and foundations supported by him include All-School All-Stars, Music For Relief, Special Olympics, Stop Global Warming, and US Doctors for Africa. Schwarzenegger is also the founder of the Arnold Sports Festival, which is considered to be one of the biggest sports tournaments for Bodybuilding.

Earns: Business Ventures And Investment Deals

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Arnold’s long-term companion and pal Franco Columbu has been with him since their bodybuilding days. They were also business partners in a lot of projects until Franco passed away in 2019. In his early days, when Arnold was just getting launched in Hollywood, he and Franco invested in small businesses to make them big and lucrative.

The returns from one business would go to investing in something else, and the duo made some fancy profits out of it. For example, they began with investing money in bricklaying, and then they invested the returns on a mail-order business. The mail-order business was a strategic move to promote and sell bodybuilding supplements and kits.

Spends: Extravagant Indulgences

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A man with a fortune of $400 million is meant to make some extravagant choices when it comes to spending that fortune. Other than his fancy houses and cars, a few other indulgences make Schwarzenegger’s affluence quite evident.

To begin with, he has particular food habits that he abides by in order to remain in shape even in his 70s. These food items and supplements do not come cheap, and his expenses have increased more after he decided to be vegan and not consume any animal products. Arnold also pours a lot of money on his pets for their well-being. Other than that, he is a connoisseur of cigars and expensive watches. He is known to own exclusive pieces like the Royal Oak Offshore and the $6000 Rolex GMT Master.

Earns: Endorsements

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The major brands endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger are also projects in which he is one of the main investors. For example, Arnold invested the returns from one of his small businesses in real estate projects and a chain of Planet Hollywood restaurants.

Other than Planet Hollywood, Arnold is also associated with Oak Productions, which manages his income from the movies. The building of Oak Productions is located in Santa Monica, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly the owner of the entire building. He has also been the brand ambassador of Bud Light, 7Up, Nissin’s Cup Of Noodles, and DirecTV.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of earning millions and spending it in an ideal way. He is also the living example of the fact that if a person has a variety of skills, it is always lucrative to use them for foraying in different directions in life.

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