‘Attention seeking’ snowboarders trolled for ditching suits for thong swimwear

'Hot' snowboarders ditched their cosy suits for thong swimwear on the slopes – but have been branded 'attention seekers'.

Arina Balerina and her friend decided to take a trip to the snowy mountains in Utah, US, to show off their skills on the cold terrain.

But, showcasing their snowboarding ability was not the only thing that the stunning pair managed to do.

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The brunette recently went viral on TikTok after posting several clips of doing the winter sport in just a swimsuit.

Sizzling hot Arina ditched the warm snowsuit for a skimpy thong one-piece – before boarding down the slopes.

However, not everyone has been so fond of the daring choice of outfit.

"Such a sad way to get attention", one troll wrote in the comments.

In response, Arina posted another raunchy snowboarding clip that racked up an impressive 4million views.

"I am super sad, you just can't see my face", she mocked while she rocked a black long sleeve number that exposed her peachy behind and legs.

Her equally gorgeous mate slipped into a one strap leopard print bathing suit that also exposed her pert bottom and thighs.

Although, the retaliation gained more hate from online bullies.

One user jibed: "Yeah it’s actually sad dude."

Another user sneered: "Life has become very cheap."

While a third wrote: "I mean…it is attention-seeking, but it’s also great."

Someone else blasted: "Excuse me, I’m not here for the snow just more followers on the 'gram."

However, many others defended the pair and praised them for having the confidence to strip off on the slopes.

One woman praised: "These gorgeous girls are anything but sad! Have fun ladies!!"

A second declared: "What's with all the haters?

"They're out here living their best life not bothering anyone! ski on! I can barely walk in the snow!!"

This user expressed: "All I have to say is. If I could I would!!!"

As a fourth shared: "You can tell that people have never done it, it's such an amazing feeling to feel the sun on your skin surrounded by snow.

"Y'all shut up."


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