Baby names set to go extinct this year – including one royal’s moniker

There are 40 baby names at risk of going extinct this year, according to a website that has been tracking baby name trends for nearly 20 years.

BabyCenter expects that very few parents will be opting to name their little ones Hugo, Rory or Seth in 2023, which is great news for anyone hoping to give their child a unique moniker.

The likes of Kate and Katherine have seemingly fallen out of favour for girls and have been declining in popularity, despite it being the name of the Princess of Wales.

A spokesperson for BabyCenter explained why this might be. They said: "In general, it seems like boy names starting with the letter “K” are falling out of favour.

“Khalid, Kian, Kyle, and Kobe were all among those that fell significantly (between 138 and 60 spots) in the rankings from 2021 to 2022.

"For girls, Hayden was the name that fell the most, by a whopping 202 spots in the rankings. And in unfortunate news, the name Joy was also one of the hardest hit, falling 112 places."

Here are all of the baby names set to go extinct in 2023…


1. Arjun (down 164 spots)

2. Walter (down 162 spots)

3. Royce (down 138 spots)

4. Khalid (down 138 spots)

5. Rory (down 127 spots)

6. Nehemiah (down 110 spots)

7. Kameron (down 107 spots)

8. Wade (down 94 spots)

9. Kane (down 93 spots)

10. Kian (down 93 spots)

11. Ahmed (down 87 spots)

12. Seth (down 86 spots)

13. Hugo (down 86 spots)

14. Kyle (down 84 spots)

15. Steven (down 84 spots)

16. Hassan (down 78 spots)

17. Bradley (down 77 spots)

18. Kobe (down 70 spots)

19. Syed (down 68 spots)

20. Ayaan (down 65 spots)


1. Hayden (down 203 spots)

2. Ariyah (down 129 spots)

3. Mira (down 129 spots)

4. Kate (down 129 spots)

5. Katherine (down 127 spots)

6. Hana (down 126 spots)

7. Leia (down 122 spots)

8. Joy (down 112 spots)

9. Vanessa (down 111 spots)

10. Alayah (down 102 spots)

11. Paige (down 99 spots)

12. Annabelle (down 98 spots)

13. Adelyn (down 97 spots)

14. Kenzie (down 97 spots)

15. Kira (down 97 spots)

16. Mariam (down 96 spots)

17. Teagan (down 95 spots)

18. London (down 94 spots)

19. Aniyah (down 93 spots)

20. Makayla (down 92 spots)

On the other hand, some vintage names are set to boom and make a big comeback in 2023.

Baby name expert Pamela Redmond, the founder of, says more traditional names are rocketing back up the charts.

Speaking to The Mirror, the CEO and author said, "Names likely to rise on the Top 100 have had an upward trajectory for years and often fit a particular trend — either stylish sounds or a popular style like nature names, for example."

For girls, Pamela says she thinks vintage names such as Winifred, Gloria, Dorothea and Rita could make a comeback in the UK.

Meanwhile, Laurie, Arnold, Artie and Gus are ones to watch for baby boys as names outside the top 500 are set to spike.

Another piece of advice she gave when naming a tot is to choose a name similar to one that's already popular, but with a twist. Parents "love an alternative", she said.

"If they think Eloise is overused, they'll go with Elodie or Elowen. If a name is similar to an already popular name, forward-looking parents have probably already caught on."


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