Bachelorette Blowup: Logan Tries to Jump Ship from Rachel to Gabby, Hurts People Everywhere

After accepting Rachel's Rose last night, Logan immediately tells her he's been wanting to pursue Gabby for awhile — but will Gabby even accept him?

It was yet another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Rachel on “The Bachelorette” as Logan finally found the cajones to tell her what he really wanted — after accepting another Rose from her.

It was actually a little gross watching him accept a Rose knowing that he was only doing it because he hadn’t yet had the chance to tell Rachel he didn’t want to pursue her anymore. He basically used her interest in him to buy enough time to jump ship to Gabby.

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While he knew he was going to guarantee Rachel another terrible day, he didn’t seem to fully process just how many bad days he could create with one move. He was following his heart, but it’s not making for a very good Bachelorette experience for Rachel.

The biggest drawback of having two leads is that it has created this possibility of one Bachelorette getting rejected in favor of the other. And with that other option out there, the guys are definitely more emboldened to give it a shot — even now after the girls have divided their guys.

Obviously, in a one Bachelorette season, a rejection of her means a rejection of the whole show and a limo ride home. And so, Gabby and Rachel are having a Bachelorette experience like no other. It’s one fraught with the same kind of fear and insecurity the guys always feel — and the ladies on “The Bachelor” — which is an interesting power dynamic shift.

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Logan Leaves

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At least he didn’t let things get too much further. The week began with a Group Date from Rachel that Logan was on, and he decided that he needed to address this right now before going on this date. Sure, he used her to get a Rose and survive one more day after failing to get time to tell her his truth at the Cocktail Party last week, but he had to draw the line somewhere.

Unfortunately, there’s no soft way to say, “Hey, thanks for the Rose and keeping me here another week. I’d like to take that opportunity you’ve given me and go explore my feelings for someone else. Thanks again!”

Logan approached it as candidly as he could, and Rachel took it on the face as well as she could, but the effects were absolutely devastating. Once again, she was feeling the sting of rejection, and found herself questioning if all of her guys were going to eventually leave. Under the circumstances, this is a totally valid fear.

In order to nip this in the bud before the Group Date, Logan spoke to her literally right before the Group Date. So while the guys were wandering Bruges, Belgium awaiting their amore, she was reeling and trying to pull herself together.

But she couldn’t do it.

Jesse Palmer went in and offered words of encouragement, leaning on his own experiences as the Bachelor, but there was no way he could fully relate to this ongoing series of rejections she’s had to endure. Even Gabby doesn’t know what that’s like as she’s been impacted far less (but she has been hurt, too, to be sure).

Ultimately, it was Jesse who found the boys wandering the streets and told them that the Group Date was being canceled. So now, Logan has successfully hurt Rachel and five of her six remaining guys by denying them any time with her during the date.

At least, the evening portion was salvaged so they could have conversations with her. While they were all checking on her to see how she was feeling, we have to give it up to Tino who was also honest with her about how being dumped by her felt for him. After all, they all lost time with her and they’re feelings are just as valid.

For his honesty and willingness to admit how he was feeling even as he knew she was hurting, too, Tino scored the first Rose of the night. As of right now, we’d argue he’s the front-runner for Rachel. He’s gotten three special Roses from her already (First Impression, One-on-One, and now this Group Date Rose.

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Logan Arrives

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After making a mess of Team Rachel, Logan continued his reign of terror — i.e., following his heart — as he made his way over to Team Gabby to reveal what he’d been up to, how he’d hurt Rachel, and laid his heart on the line to Gabby to see if she’d pick it up.

To his credit again, Logan was very humble in his approach to Gabby, telling her he had no expectations of anything. He was rejecting Rachel fully prepared for that to be the end of his journey. What he (and we) learned was that when it came time to split the guys, he was the only one they both kind of wanted.

That could be because he was the only one aggressively making out with and pursuing both women equally in the earliest part of this season. Honestly, it was a little weird, and it’s why he found himself in this messy position.

But that also means that Gabby was intersted in him from the beginning. She only backed down after learning how far he’d gone with Rachel, as well, and that Rachel wanted to pursue things with him. And so, she left his fate in the air to talk to her friend.

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Rachel was clearly still struggling with Logan, but she wanted to be supportive of Gabby so she told her that if Gabby was feeling some possibility there, she should pursue it. It was clear that it would hurt Rachel on some level for Logan to stay, but she wasn’t going to let that stand in the way of Gabby following her heart wherever it took her.

What that meant was that Logan was left wondering all day while Gabby enjoyed a very fun group date with six of her guys. They got to slap each other with fish, make waffles, play soccer — and get their butts handed to them — by very small Belgian children and do all those romantic things that immediately get weird when there are six guys and one gal.

Everyone was nevertheless feeling really good about how the day had gone … until the evening portion of the date and the arrival of Logan to join their sextet and make it seven. Immediately, the existing six found themselves questioning everything.

If their relationships with Gabby were strong and had been progressing all these weeks, then why would she want to bring in someone new? Did this just mean that what they have with her isn’t as strong as they thought it was? The knee-jerk reaction is to think that clearly she’s not really into any of us or why did she let this dude come in at this late stage.

And so, for the final act of his tour de force of destruction this week, Logan hurt every single one of Gabby’s guys by joining their ranks and leaving them rattled about where they stand with her. Some were able to bounce back, but not all.

They all agreed that if Logan scored the Group Date Rose, that would be very telling. He didn’t, though, which left thing a little murky. Nate picked that up, which was his second of the season.

If Gabby can be said to have a front-runner, we’d have to argue it’s Nate. They’ve had a special bond since he got the first One-on-One and he always manages to make moments with her every time they’re together. She’s clearly into him and he seems to just be this genuinely decent guy. If she doesn’t pick him, he’d make an excellent Bachelor (just sayin’).

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One-on-One Connections

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This week’s One-on-One dates managed to avoid all the Logan drama, allowing the women to really enjoy their special time with their chosen guys. Rachel went with the guy we’d say is her runner-up choice behind Tino, Aven.

They’ve also enjoyed some great time together, and he’s really been able to open up and connect with her. Their date was filled with all kinds of romantic things like a carriage ride, chocolate shop, and even a lace veil handmade on the street. And throughout it all, plenty and plenty of kisses.

During the evening portion, Aven opened up about how stability is so important to him because he didn’t have it growing up. He shifted from living with his mom to his dad at only ten years old and had limited contact with his mom until he was an adult.

He then revealed a rubber bracelet his mother had made him to help him get through tough times, and because of how challenging her journey has been, Aven said he wanted Rachel to hold onto it for awhile. In exchange, she gave him his second Rose of the season, after an earlier Group Date Rose.

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Gabby’s date with Johnny was the exact opposite. While Rachel and Aven were doing romantic things, Gabby and Johnny were chugging beer and ultimately taking a bath in it. It was all very silly and very weird, but totally in character for Gabby.

What she was looking for from Johnny, though, was to see if his fun and goofy side was paired with a more serious side. What she learned is that after a tough rejection following him finally opening up and being himself, he became much more reserved.

He talked about struggling with depression and actually got pretty real with her, with her responding in kind. It was exactly the kind of openness and vulnerability and depth she needed to see from him, so she gave him the Rose to continue their journey together.

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Logan Goes or Logan Stays?

Once past two very nice one-on-one experiences, it was time to get back to the bigger business of the show. The Cocktail Party brought all the guys into the awkwardness of Logan’s presence.

Team Rachel felt weird with him being there because he’d publicly rejected her and walked out on the group and there he was, which means she has to look at him and deal with him as long as Gabby keeps him around now. Yes, she agreed to this, but it can’t make it any easier.

And Team Gabby is rattled because if he gets a Rose after one week (and half a date), what does that say about the weeks they’ve all invested in building a relationship with her? What does that say about them trying to read into what she wants?

On their tables, it quickly became clear that Rachel was only going to advance three more guys, revealing her Top 5. Gabby had four roses, meaning she was moving into a Top 6.

In the end, Meatball — who rejected Rachel already once in hopes Gabby would take him and when she didn’t came crawling back — fell short of his dreams in the game and was sent packing from Team Rachel.

On Gabby’s side, it came down to Mario, Michael, and Logan. Of course, producers knew where the drama was. In a heartbreaking move for Mario and Michael, Logan scored the last Rose. You know they’re just going to question everything after this. How could they not?

Team Gabby was certainly not happy to see Logan rejoin their ranks, and it looks like he’s not done being at the center of some kind of drama and controversy.

In a sneak peek at the rest of the season, Jesse tells Gabby that there’s been a “situation” with Logan. Then, unless it’s a major editing fakeout, Jesse is later shown telling him he’s gotta pack his bags. Is that to go home? Or go chase Gabby?

Honestly, there are a lot of tears and more rejection and more drama to come. This has quite possibly been the most tumultuous season yet emotionally — and yes, despite having a smooth ride these past couple of weeks, Gabby’s going to be put through it, too.

Perhaps this two-lead experiment should result in the conclusion that it was a terrible idea to do this with zero plan as to how it would work.

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Cruise Ship Chatter

  • “This has been a hard couple weeks for Rachel and we all want her to smile and enjoy her time. I want those things for her, too, but that doesn’t change what I feel, which is– I feel for Gabby.” –Logan (about to make this week suck, too)
  • “Usually seeing your name on a date card is instant gratification, but this one is kind of mixed feelings for me.” –Logan (guys think he’s referring to not getting the one-on-one)
  • “Before this group date takes off, I need to talk to Rachel. I need to tell her I can’t go, and I need to tell her why.” –Logan
  • “I feel like something’s been holding me back a little bit. A feeling I’ve kind of been anchored down by a bit. At the beginning of this journey, first group date, going over to your house, you and I shared, like, a real connection. And I also got to talk with Gabby, and me and Gabby also had a strong connection. And at the end of the night, I originally thought that I was going to receive a Rose from Gabby. It’s been hard for me moving forward to kind of forget about that connection. And when I read that date card today, I felt that everyone else on that card was sure that you were going to be someone who they could end up with at the end of this. Well, I still had reservations and feelings for Gabby. That being said, I can’t go today and I’m going to have to step away from pursuing things with you.” –Logan (to Rachel)
  • “You’ve accepted so many Roses from me when the whole time you didn’t even want to spend time? … I appreciate you telling me, I just wish it had been earlier.” –Rachel
  • “Everyone is leaving me. It’s just, like, the rejection, that just feels really awful, and it almost feels like I’m doing something wrong.” –Rachel
  • “I just don’t even know why I’m here. Everyone that’s not is gonna leave at some point. And I feel like now is the perfect time, so why don’t they all just leave? Then at least I don’t have to say that I quit.” –Rachel
  • “I feel bad that they have to keep dealing with this week after week but I’m not ready right now to just go on a group date and act like I don’t feel like a huge loser.” –Rachel
  • “The worst part about Logan was, the whole time he was just seeing how far he could get until he could switch to Gabby.” –Rachel
  • “I definitely feel like I have walls going up and it’s unfair to the guys who are here.” –Rachel (worried about more rejection to come)
  • “You cannot be the perfect Bachelorette. I wanted to be the perfect Bachelor. It’s impossible, Rachel, it’s impossible. We get put in situations that we never could have prepared for. All we can do, all you can do, is make the best decisions in real time using your intuition. Even though you’re going through a storm right now, the hope is for you to fall in love with someone who loves you back for you and they get down on one knee, and that is still totally in play.” –Jesse (to Rachel)
  • “Let’s bring our A-game tonight, cheer her up, and keep it as low drama as we can.” –Tino (to Rachel’s guys after she cancels group date)
  • “It seems unlikely and I’m aware of that. If I end up going home, it’ll be for a good reason because I actually went after what my heart wanted.” –Logan (going to talk to Gabby)
  • “You were pretty much our only overlap, you know, in the beginning. Like, you were the only one that both of us felt we could comfortably say, ‘I’m into him.’ And then that night when you came over, and you had kissed both of us and it sounded like you and her were having a great conversation, I, like, completely backed away. But that’s when I was like, dang. I’m, like, very interested and it might not be as easy for me to let go of my feelings, but we are on our separate journeys now. I just want to check in with Rachel.” –Gabby
  • “I get he’s following his heart, but I’m like, how many roses were you gonna take until you were, like, gonna jump?” –Rachel (to Gabby)
  • “I want you to get what you need out of this, like, if that’s something you want to pursue.” –Rachel (to Gabby about Logan)
  • “I don’t want to ever put you in a place by, like, having to see him or–” –Gabby
  • I don’t wan’t you to be thinking about me so much that you, like, if you genuinely think something could be there that you lose it.” –Rachel
  • “I think the only reason I would agree is to, like, explore it more, but you don’t deserve feeling like these guys aren’t here for you, because I see the way they look at you and I know how crazy they are about you and I want you to see that.” –Gabby
  • “I think Gabby is interested in Logan, but I just don’t think Logan is trustworthy. He strung me along for weeks and I just really don’t want that to happen to Gabby in the future and for her to feel as hurt as I do right now. At the end of the day, I’m going to support her no matter what, but I really hope Gabby sends him home.” –Rachel
  • “I do want to open the floor. If you guys do not want to be here, you don’t have to.” –Rachel (to her remaining guys)
  • “The other guys, they’re in a different place than me. They all have expressed that they want to make sure and feel like a million bucks tonight. And that’s all amazing, it is, and I want to do the same. But I want to touch on how I feel. I actually was hurt. I see Rachel as my future person and it didn’t sit the best with me.” –Tino
  • “I felt a little unseen.” –Tino (to Rachel about canceling date)
  • “I’ve been giving my heart out from day one, so there is like real, real feelings on the line and  don’t want to be hurt.” –Zach
  • “As long as we don’t have to physically fight each other, I’m up for any surprise at this point.” –Erich (on Gabby’s group date)
  • “In America, this is how we play.” –Jason (kissing Gabby instead during fish-slapping game)
  • “I guess we were thinking she saw her person in the guys here, and for someone else to be added, I just don’t know what to think right now.” –Nate (about Logan joining Team Gabby)
  • “Logan would not be here if Gabby didn’t want to explore that relationship, so it makes me question, how strong is my relationship.” –Spencer
  • “Honestly, you should explore every relationship. I want to be chosen.” –Nate (to Gabby, reconsidering addition of Logan)
  • “I don’t need to be here, like, eight more weeks just to see what happens. That’s, like, a waste of my time, so–” –Erich (salty after not getting Gabby’s Group Date Rose)
  • “I feel like whenever anything happens you’re the first person I want to see. I feel really safe with you.” –Rachel (to Aven)
  • “He’s like so macho and too cool for school, which normally I’d hate, but he pulls it off because he’s kind of goofy.” –Gabby (about Johnny)
  • “It would be astronomical for her to pick me over someone who has been unwavering.” –Logan (not confident during Cocktail Party)
  • “If she does pick him, it’d be very telling. I know I’d be nervous as hell.” –Johnny (about Gabby possibly give Logan Rose at Rose Ceremony)

“The Bachelorette” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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