Bachelorette Blowup: Two Villains Rise, 'Narcissist' and Saboteur Questioning Michelle's Integrity

It’s a real Jekyll and Hyde journey for one contestant this week as he opens up in one moment and later sows chaos in the House, telling Michelle the guys don’t trust her.

We’ve seen contestants throw each other under the bus and question one another’s integrity, but how often does “The Bachelorette” have her integrity questioned … and this early in the season?

That’s what happened this week when Michelle Young was called out by one guy who has maybe the support of one other dude but tells Michelle the whole house is talking about it and wondering if she’s being as authentic and truthful with them as she wants to be.

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“Did I miss every conversation happening in the house?” one guy asked after it all came out and blew up all over the Cocktail Party, causing Michelle to cancel it.

So is this guy just playing mind games with Michelle? The other guys? It was such a bizarre and disturbing sequence of events, and a culmination of a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde journey for the character throughout the episode.

And we thought the “narcissist” getting called out by fifth graders was the biggest thing Michelle was going to have to contend with tonight!

Who's Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

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We loved that Michelle invited three fifth graders to join her for the first group date of the season, and that it legitimately recreated the concept behind the classic game show by testing her suitors to see if they could answer fifth grade questions.

It was here that she learned that spelling is not the strong suit of all of these guys, nor is math, and that Peter is really something else. It looks like he’s also the only one who totally blew the chemistry portion. Maybe because he was distracted trying to get Michelle’s attention instead of following the instructions.

Peter was all ego coming into this date, convinced that he was way ahead of all the other guys and trying to goof off the whole time. He was obnoxious, and our favorite moments probably came with fifth grader Mia put him in his place not once, but twice!

But that was nothing compared to what Will did when Michelle threw up the word “narcissist” for a spelling test. Now, why did she put that word up? Was she picking up what the other guys were? If she wasn’t, Will spelled it out on his board quite clearly, writing, “P-E-T-E-R.”

We’re not sure if the edit was accurate, but Peter’s face shown after that was like a five year old on the cusp of a temper tantrum. It was a little disturbing to see on a grown man’s face, no matter how Will calling out all his attention seeking made him feel.

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As if that wasn’t enough of a red flag, he then called Will to the side during the cocktail party that night to scream at him. Will wasn’t much better, getting right into it with him, but the fact they decided to do this during this time with Michelle was ridiculous.

Did they forget how many days they get with her nowhere around where they could has this out?

Michelle called Peter out for his aggression, where he said it was totally out of character for him and apologized. Then in a confessional he made it absolutely clear that it was totally in character for him. But he wasn’t the only one to lie to Michelle this week.

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Love and Basketball

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The second group date was a basketball matchup, which makes perfect sense as the sport is such a huge part of Michelle’s identity. We’re not sure if producers were casting guys with some skill in this area, or helped put this date’s group together, but most of these guys were pretty good.

That said, one guy emerged as the clear winner, and it’s the ghoster himself, Joe. Joe ghosted Michelle after two chats years ago on social media and the two hadn’t interacted since. But they were aware of each other, as they were both among the best basketball players in their home state of Minnesota around the same time.

Joe almost carried his time to victory single-handedly (well, with some great assists by Mollique) to victory, but came up just short. Nevertheless, he nabbed the MVP, which meant he was able to join the victors at the Cocktail Party, while the remaining four players on the losing team had to go home empty-handed.

Joe opened up to Michelle about having just found out that day that one of his coaches had passed away, and they again bonded over their shared sport and upbringing in Minnesota. It was enough to earn Joe the Group Date rose, which shocked Nayte.

But Nayte, you got the First Impression Rose last week … did you really think you’d just get them all this season? We love the confidence, but let your girl explore a bit!

On the first Group Date, Rick was feeling a similar confidence, and we do have to admit that his Mad Libs game he played that culminated in a kiss was both clever and extremely adorable. But Michelle connected more with Brandon, who cracked her up with a terrible pickup line. Laughter always works, gentlemen!

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It: Chapter One

In a surprise move, Jamie was picked for the first One-on-One date of the season, but Michelle revealed that it was so she could see if there was a deeper side to him than the fun-loving side she’d seen so far. She had no idea just how many sides there were.

The guys were immediately surprised when instead of being grateful and appreciative that he was chosen, Jamie started acting like she was the contestant and he was The Bachelor, talking about how it was going to be great to see if she was a good fit for him, and ready to walk from the show if she wasn’t.

As the date progressed, though, the two found a great deal to enjoy, including an incredible view from Joshua Tree after they took on a pretty impressive rock climbing adventure. Later, at dinner, Jamie opened up about his challenging life.

It was a truly heartbreaking story, about his mother’s struggles with depression and mental illness that saw him falter in school as he feared she would commit suicide while he was there, and then the fact that she ultimately did when he was only 24 years old (he’s 32 now).

It was a hard story to hear, and seemed to create a genuine connection between them. Who knows, that might even be genuine. Jamie seems to change like a chameleon from moment to moment, so you never quite know what’s actually going on in his head.

But for this moment, all was good. He’d decided she was worthy of his time and he would stay with the show, apparently, accepting that One-on-One Rose that guaranteed his safety. And yet, he couldn’t just enjoy the ride into next week’s show.

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It: Chapter Two

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It may be that Jamie finally started to reveal who he really is at the Cocktail Party with all of the guys, when he and Martin started talking about the similar life stories of Joe and Michelle, thus assuming they must have known each other before the show.

Spencer agreed it might be the case, but he wasn’t going to let it bother him. Even with a Rose and safe for the week, though, Jamie decided it absolutely was going to bother him. After all, Michelle wants them to all be authentic and honest in this journey, and she’s not?

Granted, it’s all baseless speculation. There is a little history between Joe and Michelle that the guys do not know about, so they’re not barking in the wrong forest, but they do have the wrong tree.

Especially when Jamie took it to the next level, saying that a friend of his saw Michelle coming out of a bar with a light-skinned baller, leading him to assume that meant she and Joe were already an item before doing the show. So the whole thing is a farce?

And not content to just let that fester, Jamie further decided he needed to confront Michelle about it, telling her that the whole house has been talking about it. We saw him talking with three other dudes tonight, and only one of those cared.

Instead, he left Michelle thinking everyone was questioning her integrity, wondering if she’s lying about those whole experience and she’s already chosen Joe, that maybe they’ve been an item since before the show began and she’s toying with all of them, wasting their time.

He left her wondering who it was in the House that was questioning her because he made it out like it was practically the whole house. On top of that, he flat-out lied to her saying that he didn’t care when he very much did, contradicting specifically what he said to the guys earlier.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, when it all came out later and Michelle confronted a flabbergasted group of guys, most of whom had no idea what she was talking about, he refused to admit that it was him, instead deciding that he was fine being the villain.

But the most disgusting part of the whole thing was that after talking to her and creating all this chaos, Jamie decided that based on her reaction, he was satisfied that she and Joe were not an item and had no real history before the show.

He was satisfied, but let the show burn around him with a quiet smile on his face, either oblivious to the chaos he’d created in her heart, or callously not caring. Maybe there’s more than one “P-E-T-E-R” on this season.

With all this drama, we did let go of four more guys, but they’ve gotten basically zero screen time anyway (aside from Pardeep getting brutally mocked by the announcer during the basketball game for his lack of skill on the court), so none of them really stung. Also leaving were Alec, Daniel and PJ. See, you’re saying, “Who?” too.

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"Mansion" Chatter

  • “I definitely feel like I stand out more than most of these guys. I definitely consider myself an alpha presence. I’m not just a guy, I’m the guy.” –Peter
  • “Michelle. Michelle!” –Peter (trying to get her attention during chemistry portion of group date)
  • “Leave her alone.” –Mia (5th grade student/teacher)
  • “Sorry.” –Peter
  • “I can’t speak for anyone else for how they experience Peter. For me it’s a little too much. At a certain point, it becomes more about the Peter show than giving Michelle an opportunity to meet and connect and fall in love with someone.” –Casey
  • “You can tell a lot about a person by how they play musical chairs, and it’s not necessarily in these positive ways.” –Michelle (after Peter bullies his way to second place)
  • “You like my drawing, it’s a pizza?” –Peter (during spelling portion)
  • “It looks like a cone with on ice cream.” –Mia (not taking any of his s—)
  • “All right, last word. Narcissist.” –Michelle (during spelling portion)
  • “Peter.” –Will (what he wrote down)
  • “I was shining in that group. He’s known me for two, three days, he has no idea who I am. It’s f—— b——-.” –Peter (not happy)
  • “What are you thinking? You’re staring into my soul.” –Michelle (Brandon, looking like he’s going to kiss her, but not)
  • “I’m just trying to remember every single part of you, just so I can go home and have a dream about you and wake up and realize my dream girl is real.” –Brandon
  • “Oh my god, stop. That was terrible.” –Michelle
  • “That was from the heart. That was genuine.” –Brandon
  • “It’s all butterflies right now, but I could really piss you off. And if you’re standing there screaming, nothing at that point, nothing’s going to come across.” –Michelle (after Peter’s fight)
  • “That was really out of character for me.” –Peter (was it?)
  • “Tonight, I had a setback because somebody decided to be a petty bitch, so I got my rose robbed.” –Peter (so it wasn’t out of character?)
  • “I have no intention of staying here if I don’t have that connection with her. That’s just real life.” –Jamie (before one-on-one)
  • “There’s not a chance in hell that I’m not getting a rose tonight.” –Nayte (before not getting a rose tonight)
  • “Hold up, girl, is that lasagna?” –Rodney (blind tasting pizza)
  • “To me it seems like they know each other from before.” –Martin (about Michelle and Joe)
  • “It does seem like something’s up. It’d be almost shocking to believe that, like, she would have no idea of him since he played at the University of Minnesota and she’s from Minnesota. But, time here is limited, so there’s no chance that I spend my time talking about it.” –Spencer
  • “Honestly, personally, it is something that bothered me. It’s just this running thing, do you guys know each other already and are we really starting from the same spot?” –Jamie
  • “I got some information from a friend that lives in Minneapolis and he was walking into a bar and happened to see a girl walking out. When he went back to sit with his girlfriend, they were like, ‘Oh, that’s Michelle, she’s The Bachelorette, she’s already boo’d up with a tall, light-skinned baller.” –Jamie
  • “There’s been a whole bunch of talk today about this kind of feeling that maybe you might have known Joe before here. For me personally, I just don’t really care, because I feel like whatever happened before getting here has nothing to do with me. But, like, everybody else keeps feeling it. I feel that given this entire journey is about authenticity and about trust and that’s the standard that’s been set, I think that there’s people out there that are questioning that.” –Jamie (so which is it, it bothers you or it doesn’t?)
  • “Man, did I miss every conversation happening in the house? Because I feel like I’ve spent a good amount of time with you guys and I actually am shocked because I haven’t once talked about them two knowing each other.” –Rodney
  • “Bro, I’m right there with you. I’m so lost.” –Peter

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