Baffling brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find 36 travel companies

Baffling brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find 36 travel companies in a busy beach scene – but how many can YOU spot?

  • Challenges the web to find 36 travel companies represented by cryptic clues
  • Variety of riddles to solve, including everything from flips flops to speedboats
  • Busy graphic is latest brainteaser leaving even eagle-eyed puzzlers stumped 

Brits have been left baffled by the latest brainteaser which features hidden travel companies in a busy beach scene. 

Holiday Extras has left the nation stumped with the ultimate mind boggler, to celebrate 36 years helping millions of holidaymakers make the most of their trips.

Created by the UK’s leading provider of holiday extras, the puzzle challenges people to find the 36 travel companies cleverly represented by cryptic clues. 

From flip flops in the sand to speedboats and cruises, there’s a variety of visual riddles to solve – but can you spot 36 travel companies in the busy graphic?

Scroll down for reveal 

The latest brainteaser challenges people to find the 36 travel companies cleverly represented by cryptic clues in the busy beach scene

‘We’re proud to have been serving the UK holiday market for 36 years, and we wanted to celebrate this milestone by creating something for all the customers that have helped us get here,’ said Seamus McCauley of Holiday Extras.

‘We’re firm believers that travel should be fun and hassle-free. So what better way to mark this occasion than with a little light entertainment and a chance to win the red carpet treatment too?

We only hope our customers enjoy solving the puzzle as much as we enjoyed creating it!’ 

And for those eagle-eyed puzzlers, the answers are circled in red and also listed below to make the answers that little bit clearer. 

From flip flops in the sand to speedboats and cruises, there’s a variety of visual riddles to solve – and the answers are both circled red and listed below 


1. First Choice

2. Holiday Extras

3. Carlson Wagonlit

4. Thomas Cook

5. TUI

6. Ice Lolly

7. Saga

8. On The Beach

9. Jet2

10. Crystal Ski

11. Virgin

12. British Airways

13. easyJet

14. Royal Caribbean

15. Trailfinders

16. Mr and Mrs Smith

17. Ryanair

18. P&O

19. Premier Inn

20. Hays Travel

21. Holiday Pirates

22. Love Holidays

23. Holiday Gems

24. Kayak

25. Broadway Travel

26. James Villas

27. Sandals

28. Attraction World

29. Superbreak

30. Haven

31. Celebrity Cruises

32. Condor

33. Mercury Holidays

34. Barrhead Travel

35. Cox and Kings

36. Airbnb



Woman holding pineapple

Purple luggage

Wagon on a path, lit up by gas lamps

Tom the cook

Two ee’s in the sky

One big ice lolly

Old Norse ship on the horizon

‘I’m here’ pinpoint

Two jet planes

Crystal in sea

Gin bottle

Dog in plane

A plane with ‘E’ and ‘Z’ on

Caribbean island with crown flag

A person in walking gear with a map 


Hare at the front

Piano boat in the sea

1st post

Bales of hay with suitcases

Pirate in a swimming costume 

Couple in a heart on the sand

Different gemstones sunbathing 

Kayak in the sea


James Bond in a villa (James pad)

Sandals on the shore

Planet in the sky

Superman punching something

Hay bales

Selebrity and a cruise ship

A condor bird


Someone’s head replaced with pub bar

Kings picking apples

Cloud in the sky with B&B written in it


And this is just one of many perplexing puzzles leaving the nation baffled in recent months.   

This flower power graphic, from restaurant and bar chain Slug and Lettuce, challenges netizens to find a hidden lettuce among the colourful tropical flowers. 

But can you search through the bright and bold blooms to locate the tricky vegetable?  

The tricky flower power brainteaser is challenging puzzlers to find the lettuce – and it’s blooming difficult 

Slug and Lettuce issued the colourful brainteaser in celebration of its Slug in Bloom partnership with flower experts, Interflora.

Having launched on the May 1, Slug in Bloom brings to life the pretty floral interiors the brand already boasts, alongside nine new drinks that will be available during the famous 2-4-1 offer including drinks such as  Hugo Floral Fizz, Pornstar Bloom and Ketel One Botanical Smash.

And it’s not the only mind boggler that is sweeping the internet. Another one challenges people to hunt for a dragon egg within a sea of colourful cushions. 

The hidden green lettuce is almost in the centre of the graphic, and is surronded by colourful tropical flowers 

This mythical mystery has been created by ScS, as dragon fever takes the nation by storm this spring, thanks to the return of Game of Thrones. 

According to the creators, nobody can find the egg in less than 29 seconds – but could you be up to the challenge? 

Craig Smith, product development co-ordinator from ScS, said: ‘Having created our very own dragon sofa, and with Easter on the horizon, we wanted to put a twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt and help refine people’s searching skills in the process.’

According to the creators, nobody can find the colourful egg in less than 29 seconds – but could you be the one to hunt it down? 

Eagle-eyed viewers should be able to spot the patterned purple egg tucked away in the bottom right hand side of the image, nestled between a pink and orange cushion.

This is just the latest in a long line of seek and find puzzles to leave challenge fans baffled.

Weddings are some of the most joyous occasions of the year, be it with friends and family, or incredible star-studded affairs. 

The little purple Dragon’s egg is hidden in the bottom right of the image, tucked between a pink and orange cushion 

But with wedding season approaching, stationary company Norma & Dorothy have created a fun and lively scene featuring every bride and groom’s worst nightmare – a pair of lost rings.  

The fun and lively graphic depicts the many wedding guests, along with brides and grooms, waiters and bridal party, hunting for two tiny hidden rings. It’s made even trickier with the addition of bustling dogs and wild party decorations.  

They’ve tasked people with thirty seconds to find the tiny rings, and help the brides and grooms finally get to the alter – but how will you fare? 

Somewhere in the busy wedding party scene are two tiny wedding rings hidden amongst the chaos – but can you spot them? 

The busy party scene shows everything from two brides holding hands to comfort one another, to guests scratching their heads as they hunt for the rings.

To make it even harder, there are also several dogs causing chaos in the wedding scene, as well as stacks of cake. 

Hidden among all the fun are two tiny rings, but can you find them in the 30 second challenge? 

You’re hunting for the lost rings that look a little like this in the above picture – but remember, they’re tiny! 

They’re tiny gold bands with a huge rock of a jewel on them – the image you’re looking for looks a little like the below ring. 

For those eager for the reveal, the answer lies towards the top right of the picture, where the ring is peaking out amongst a bouquet of flowers.

The second is at the centre bottom, right next to a waiter’s none-the-wiser hand.   

The tiny rings look as though they’ve been dropped on the aisle at the double wedding, as well as in a flower arrangement  

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