Behind-the-Scenes of Julius Randle's 2021 NBA All-Star Game Weekend with His Wife and Family

Up in the Air

“Julius and our son Kyden, 4, cozied up on the plane as we were about to take off from New York City, where Julius plays for the New York Knicks, to Atlanta. We were so excited to get there and start the experience. It was sort of our ‘it’s all happening’ moment before Julius’ first All-Star game.”

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“We landed in Atlanta! We were hoping to get a family photo before taking off from N.Y.C. but it was so cold and windy. The weather in Georgia was perfect. I’ve been super busy with my fashion startup Kalore and with Julius’ busy NBA schedule, it was great to experience this together as a family.”

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Ready to Go

“Kyden was posing right before we left for the All-Star Game on Sunday. Kyden had been begging to leave the hotel room all day but due to NBA COVID-19 safety protocols, this was really the only time we could leave our room. Needless to say, he was ready to go!”

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Anxious for Adventure

“Kyden was over the hotel room life. Let’s go watch dad play already!”

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The NBA’s Future Finest

“Kyden was hanging out with his buddy Deuce Tatum, who is the son of fellow All-Star Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics. Someone jokingly called them the ‘NBA All-Star Class of 2040.’ They both got a lot of compliments on their sneaker game.”

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Best View in the House

“Kyden was enjoying his courtside view at State Farm Arena right before Julius participated in the 2021 Skills Competition.”

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Dad’s Biggest Fan

“This was Kyden’s first time being on the court and he was so excited to see his dad come out in his new All-Star jersey.”

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The Best Kind of Motivation

“Kyden of course wanted to wish Ju good luck right before the Skills Competition.”

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All-Star Fam

“We snuck in a family photo and another round of ‘good lucks.’ “

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Mommy and Me

“A photo of me and Kyden right as the Skills Competition was about to start. We were so nervous but also excited to cheer Julius on and for everything to get started.”

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Just Like Dad

“This photo was mid-game as Julius cut through the lane for a dunk. Kyden has been watching and mimicking Ju’s flex pose for a while now and it’s his go-to.”

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