Best Face Wash 2019 | The Sun UK

FACE washes should be an integral part of everyone's daily beauty routine, both men and women.

Every day our skin is exposed to bacteria, germs and dirt, as well as make-up, sunlight and the glare from screens, which is why it is paramount to thoroughly cleanse our face.

Some may use a face wash in the morning and night, but others may prefer to follow a strict cleansing regime at night to remove all of the excess oil, grime and dregs of make-up before going to bed.

It doesn't matter how often you use a face wash as long as it is being used, and it suits your skin's needs.

While face washes are universal to be used on men and women, some may prefer to reach for a skincare essential specific to men or women.

Others will seek to find a face wash to calm acne, for a gentle cleanse, to work on mature skin, or that are cruelty free.

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