Best Outdoor Christmas Lights 2019 | The Sun UK

WHEN IT COMES to Christmas decorating, being able to continue your festive festooning into the back garden or the front yard is all part of the fun.

There’s one standout way to do it: lights, lights and more lights.

The great thing about decorating with outdoor Christmas lights is that you can go as subtle – or as out there – as you want to (although people do say once you start with those outdoor lighting decorations, it’s really easy to get carried away).

Happily, there are all kinds of lights – to suit any and every budget – available for your decorating needs: fairy lights, icicle lights, LEDs, tree lights and more.

You can even go for coloured lights to really attract some attention.

Also, you can create a whole garden scene using illuminations: popular light fixtures this time of year are reindeer, snowmen, candy canes, penguins, stars and even neon signs reading ‘Merry Christmas’.

You can also cheat: outdoor Christmas projectors are perfect for adorning your house with falling snow or snowflakes for the ultimate Christmassy vibe – with minimal effort.

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