Biggest signs your other half is about to break up with you

Elderly couples give relationship advice to young couples

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Breakups are never easy and living in fear your partner may be about to break up with you is even worse.

A therapist and relationship expert has decoded some of the signs that mean your partner might be about to break up with you.

Sometimes our partner – be it a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband – might change their behaviour.

These changes in behaviour could be a sign your significant other is about to break up with you according to therapist and best-selling author, Marisa Peer.

Marisa has worked for 30 years with thousands of clients and now she offers coaching on relationships, sex, anxiety, and wedding stress, among other things.

Your other half changing their behaviour could be perceived as them “checking out” the expert explained.

Marisa said: “If one partner is having doubts, their behaviour may suddenly change as they start to ‘check out’ of the relationship.”

She listed some of the most common signs your partner is thinking of ending the relationship imminently.

They include cancelling on you and starting more arguments.

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Signs your partner may break up with you

  • Talking and sharing less with you
  • Cancelling or avoiding making plans
  • Seeming distracted when talking to you or with you
  • Lack of effort in appearance
  • A decline in intimacy
  • Starting arguments unnecessarily over the smallest of things
  • Being secretive
  • Your self-worth begins to lessen

However, these signs on their own may not necessarily mean your partner wants to end things. They could indicate something else is wrong.

Marisa said: “Of course, these could also be signs of other things such as work stress or past trauma resurfacing, so it is important to discuss what’s going on with your partner if this is worrying you.

“While it might be impacting your relationship, it may not be anything to do with the relationship itself, so reach out to your partner and be ready to listen. Not everything is always about you.”

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