Biggest tattoo regrets – from Brit who inked ex’s name on vagina to drunken ink

Before getting a tattoo it’s always important to think before you ink – especially if you are considering getting the name of your current partner…

But for these unlucky sods, the damage has already been done.

From an OnlyFans model who got dumped days after getting her fella’s name inked, to a woman left looking like her tattoo was done in prison, here we look at people’s greatest ink regrets.

Ex and regret

Britain’s most tattooed woman said her most embarrassing tattoo was having the name of her then boyfriend displayed across her vagina.

Becky Holt got the bizarre tatt when she was just 15 and unsurprisingly, the pair split up within six months.

She covered up her shame with a floral design that was later turned into a skull.

The OnlyFans creator, now 33, said: "I had my ex-boyfriend's name across my vagina, it was my first tattoo.

“I know it was awful, I thought I was so clever at 15. We broke up six months after I had it done.

"My dad had to pay for me to get it covered and then I just carried on getting tattoos."

Despite bemoaning her first tattoo, Becky, from Chesire, now has around 95% of her body inked and has slashed out £35,000 on her extreme appearance.

Tatt's awkward

One unlucky woman cringed after social media users said her tattoo looked like it had been done in prison by someone with shaky hands.

Jessica – @jessicawilliams546 – wanted a simple design showing two hands reaching out for each other.

But her hand drawings left a lot to be desired and she posted the aftermath on TikTok earlier this year.

One viewer wrote: "I've seen jail tats better than that."

Another said: "I’ve never done a tattoo in my life but I genuinely think I could do better.”

A third asked: "Do people NOT research their tattoo artist before getting a tattoo? Do y'all just go to anyone? Doesn’t make sense."

And another added: "This looks like it was done in prison.”

Going bust

American adult entertainer Jessie Lee has hundreds of tattoos splashed across her body.

And one of her most impressive pieces is a chest tattoo showing colourful roses and snakes.

The ink stretches up across her lapel and neck too – but the porn star has now had second thoughts about it.

That’s because she recently had a boob job to take her from a 34DD to a 34G.

And speaking on the Love Her podcast, she said: “One of my favourite ones that I have is my stomach tattoo. It’s a satanic ram tattoo… because I’m down with the devil.

“My chest tattoo has been a huge thing, but since now I have my big boobs, I’m thinking, ‘maybe I’ll get it removed’.”

Love is in despair

It’s usually never prudent to decide to get a tattoo when you’re drunk.

But for Ellie Macintosh, that’s exactly what she did, and the end result was as disastrous as you would expect.

She showed off her arm tattoo on TikTok – a block of chunky Roman letters marking a year, month and date.

It was supposed to a touching tribute to her mum, but she explained: "Decides to get a tattoo of mum's birthday whilst drunk and ends up getting the completely wrong date tattooed on me."

Ellie added: "The fact my mum wasn't even surprised says a lot."

Oh eye say

A Norfolk woman called Jordan wanted a pair of eyes inked to her knees – but later claimed the pupils were wonky and different sizes.

And she was so bemused by the design that she posted photos in a Facebook group, ‘That’s It, I’m inkshaming. (Actually Bad Tattoos )’.

She wrote: “Self shame Sunday right? I got these bad boys done YESTERDAY.

“The last picture is what I asked for them to be similar to.

“I think they are hilarious and love them so no harm done, let me know what you think.

“It’s the fact that they are looking in different directions and the pupils are different sizes for me.”

The example Jordan was inspired by shows a dainty pupil design delicately inked on the back of an ankle.

Lip service

OnlyFans model Kazumi Squirts (not her real name) got her ex boyfriend’s initials inked to the inside of her mouth – before being dumped one week later.

Fuming Kazumi got the tribute to celebrate her one year anniversary.

But she was single days later after finding out her fella had slept with another woman.

She recalled: “I got the tattoo about a month before our one-year anniversary.

"My boyfriend was very surprised. At the time I’m not so sure if he was happy to see it but I was too loved-up to really notice.

"Unfortunately, about a week later I found out he’d slept with his co-worker when she messaged me confessing everything.

"Needless to say I saw red and was furious. I felt extremely betrayed and blind-sighted.

"The annoying thing was that I wanted to have an open relationship so I had no problem with him sleeping with other women – just as long as it was communicated with me."

She added: “I spent ages deciding what to get as a tribute to him.

"At first I thought about getting his astrological sign or maybe his initials but my friend got her boyfriend's full name so I figured I’d do the same to prove how confident I was in our relationship.”

Kazumi said the tattoo was extremely painful and caused a lot of bleeding – and she still has it to this day.

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