Boris Johnson asks 'who's Lorraine?' during GMB interview

‘Who’s Lorraine?’ Twitter goes into meltdown as Boris Johnson claims not to know the TV star when Susanna Reid ended their interview to hand over to the Scottish presenter

  • Susanna Reid interviewed Boris Johnson on ITV’s Good Morning Britain 
  • Prime Minister asked who’s Lorraine’ as the presenter teased next programme
  • Social media users were left in hysterics by the unexpected comment

Boris Johnson left viewers of ITV’s Good Morning Britain in hysterics after admitting he didn’t know who Lorraine Kelly is ahead of her programme.

The Prime Minister appeared on the breakfast show for the first time in five years for an interview with presenter Susanna Reid at Downing Street ahead of this week’s local elections.

Having been grilled about the cost-of-living crisis and partygate, the 57-year-old attempted to convince viewers to vote Conservative, but was interrupted by Susanna explaining that they have to end the discussion in time for Lorraine’s show.

‘Who’s Lorraine?’ Boris asked, which triggered a flood of social media commenters posting memes about the unexpected question.

Boris Johnson’s (pictured right) interview with Susanna Reid (pictured left) on ITV’s Good Morning Britain has gone viral after the Prime Minister admitted to not knowing who Lorraine Kelly is ahead of her show

Boris said ‘who’s Lorraine’ after Susanna explained the interview would have to end because Lorraine (pictured) was waiting to start her show 

Susanna and Boris spent 15 minutes discussing topics ranging from the ongoing war in Ukraine to soaring oil and gas prices.

The Prime Minister stressed that he ‘inadvertently’ misled Parliament over whether lockdown rules were breached in Downing Street, and had apologised since being fined by police. He said he had not received any other penalty notices yet but had ‘no idea’ whether that would change. 

Having started later than planned, Susanna claimed to have ‘hundreds’ of questions and tried to squeeze as many as possible into the interview.

She was forced to end the discussion abruptly to avoid running into Lorraine’s show, saying: ‘Prime Minister it’s good to talk to you, Lorraine is waiting to talk through all the issues that you have brought up in this interview.

‘Who’s Lorraine?’ Boris replied.

‘Who’s Lorraine? Lorraine’s a legend,’ Susanna answered.

‘Fantastic, well I [inaudible muttering] talk to Lorraine,’ Boris said.

The clip cut to daytime host Lorraine who didn’t acknowledge the comment but praised Susanna’s interview.

Susanna described Lorraine as a ‘legend’ as she attempted to tell Boris about the breakfast show host

She went on to tease Met Gala fashion and how to avoid holiday scams coming up on her segment, however after the break she decided to respond to Boris’s comment as it began to trend on Twitter.

‘I love how he said, “Who’s Lorraine?”, why should he know who I am? I mean he’s busy in the morning and wouldn’t be watching us. Although he could learn a lot as you know, but that was just so funny,’ Lorraine joked.

‘Lot’s of people have said he’s lost votes. He hasn’t lost votes just because he doesn’t know who I am, but it’s very very funny. 

‘Brilliant interview by Susanna, really enjoyed that and that was very funny. Made my morning.’

A stream of social media users admitted they were equally amused by the unexpected comment.

Lorraine (pictured) told viewers of her show that the comment was funny and claimed it wouldn’t lose the Prime Minister votes

One person wrote: ‘#Susannah #GMB ‘who’s Lorraine?’ Oh Boris what a way to end your man of the people interview with GMB’s Susanna Reid’

Tagging Piers Morgan, who the PM was previously said to have hidden in a fridge to avoid speaking to when approached in 2019, another said: ”Who’s Lorraine’. Boris thought someone was about to pop out of the wings and ask him more questions.’

‘Boris Johnson ending the interview with @SusannaReid100 by asking ‘who’s Lorraine’. I’ve never watched Lorraine’s show but even I know who she is. He’s so out of touch,’ a third commented.  

A fourth added: ”Who’s #Lorraine?’ The national treasure herself, self appointed btw. At least Boris gave me a laugh at the end. #GMB’ 

A stream of social media users were left in hysterics by the unexpected question 

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