British SAS hero fighting ISIS killed by explosive being carried by colleague

A British SAS hero killed fighting Islamic State was hit by friendly fire – and not a terrorist roadside bomb as previously believed.

Sergeant Matt Tonroe died last year fighting ISIS in Syria in a joint mission with US forces and in which a US commando also died.

The Pentagon first claimed the British special forces soldier and Master Sergeant Jonathan J Dunbar died in an "improvised explosive device," or IED.

But an investigation into the blast in Manbij, northern Syria, has concluded Matt Tonroe was killed by an explosive carried by a military colleague.

It now appears, according to investigators, that the blast that killed the two men was caused by a military-grade grenade carried by another coalition soldier.

The probe discovered that there were no IED components in the device that exploded, that it was a military grade device, there was no crater and the pair were hit from one direction only – whereas an IED would have hit from different sides.

A report, according to the Morning Star, found: "… a preponderence of evidence that the cause of Sgt Tonroe's death was as a result of a detonation of explosives carried by a colleague during combat …"

British military sources last night confirmed to the Daily Mirror that the claims are "accurate."

Labour MP Lloyd Russell Moyle was quoted by the Morning Star, saying:”Our spies and secret services have oversight in the intelligence and security committee but for some reason our special forces are treated as second class citizens and considered not worthy of oversight.

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