Brits left horrified by American’s attempt at making tea inside a kettle

An American woman has left British tea drinkers fuming after she complained about a "major flaw" with her kettle.

TikTok user @happygoliving recently purchased an electric kettle but was left fuming over one design "flaw", so she decided to film a demo clip and turned to TikTok for help.

In the video, which now has gone viral with 3.8 million views, she explains: "I have this amazing electric kettle, as you can see it's filled up to the water line.

"But it has a major flaw when I'm making my tea. Let me see if you can notice the major flaw that it has."

Rather than boiling just water in the kettle, she apparently places a tea bag inside the infuser and boils it together with the water.

And soon as the temperature hits, she says: "It might be hard to notice, but here it comes. Oh yeah."

The hot water is seen flushing out from the nozzle like a mini fountain and goes straight down the sink.

"So, why would they make it like this? What is the purpose?" she questions. "Yeah, you better turn yourself off. Water everywhere."

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But viewers were left raging by her decision to make the tea in the kettle instead of brewing it in a mug.

One said: "You're meant to put the tea in after it is boiled. User error 100%."

"Nothing unites the English more than an American not knowing how to use a kettle," another commented.

"Why is the tea already in there babe? You're supposed to put the bag in your glass oh my f***ing God," a third added and a fourth pointed out the issues, adding: "I think the way you're using it is the major flaw."

The woman made a second attempt to make a proper cup of tea after learning from the comments.

She said in an update video: "Everybody said boil the water without the tea thing [infuser] in but why would they give you this tea thing?

"What is the purpose of this tea thing? I'm boiling it, let's see if we still got the problem."

While she waited for the water to boil, she said: "Seems to be self-contained…then don't put this [tea infuser] in the box.

"Alright, well it works now."

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