Cam girl horrified as she spots ‘paranormal’ activity behind her during session

Paranormal activity is not uncommon as ghost hunters often find spooky spirits lurking in the shadows.

But while we all hear the stories, we still can't believe it could ever happen to us, at least that's what one model thought.

Sonya Parker was in the middle of a call with a client when she was alerted a mysterious shadow was behind her.

The cam girl, who works for Dreamcam, had the situation occur about a week ago at around 11pm.

During a live VR cam session, the model was told she had a shadow behind her shoulder. Yikes!

Now all the details have exclusively been revealed to Daily Star…

Dreamcam is believed to offer one of the best ever VR live streaming technologies.

According to its kinky website, it turns "desires into a reality" to allow clients to really feel the difference.

So when Sonya was working one day, never in a million years did she ever think she'd have company during her session.

According to the cam girl, she didn't notice anything in the room, no movements or noises, until the temperature dropped.

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She revealed: "The room got noticeably colder.

"My nipples got harder and I had to grab a sweatshirt to cover up after the conclusion of the cam show."

Since then she's experienced drops in the temperature during cam shows over the past week.

Sonya has even gone as far to change the room she usually cams from to hopefully get rid of the issue.

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And in a screenshot from the cam session itself, you can see the black shadow hoover behind her shoulder.

Sonya was alerted of the shadow by a client who told her there was something there.

The model claimed it kept darting in and out of focus then made even more appearances during the private cam session.

According to the bombshell, the situation lasted around 30 minutes.

We've seen situations like this happen in the past.

In fact, those eager to come face-to-face with a ghoul can visit 10 of the most haunted places in the UK.

The UK is filled with spooky locations with legends and ghost stories that date back to centuries.

In Sonya's case it could be that someone wanted to pay a visit during one of her sessions or the cold was a coincidence.

Ever experienced paranormal activity? You can tell us your stories by commenting below!

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