Cat’s brutal reaction to owner telling her good morning leaves fans in stitches

Unlike dogs, cats don't always show affection and love to their owners.

And if you don't believe that's true, this latest photo will prove it to you.

A Reddit user shared a snap of their adorable cat giving them a dirty look at the start of the day.

Maybe the feline just isn't a morning cat? Who knows…

Posting on the online forum, the user wrote: "My cat's reaction to me telling her good morning."

In the photo, the brown and ginger pet scrunched her eyes as she glared at her owner.

She didn't look too fazed by the fact that her owner could have been smiling or showing her love.

As the cat just didn't give off any expression to her owner, it certainly made others laugh on the open forum.

Since it was uploaded, it racked up over 440 likes and dozens of comments from others finding it amusing.

One wrote: "She will NOT have a good morning just because you say so.

"If she does, it is HER decision, not yours. Now go get her coffee."

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Another added: "'I liked you better when you were silent'."

A third joked: "She's a slow starter in the morning."

While a fourth told the owner: "She loves you," to which they replied: "She definitely does.

"She has a weird way of showing it though (biting my toes at night while I sleep)."

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