Check out these healthy products to ensure you keep looking fresh over the winter months

NEW research shows the 5:2 diet plan – normal eating for five days, then fasting for two – is one of the few diets people actually stick to.

Today I look at ways to do the 5:2, where you eat between 500 and 800 calories on fasting days, while our Beauty Editor tests spot treatments.

HEALTH: with Jane Atkinson

Jane Plan – The company sends you packets of food with a menu and has nutritionists on hand to speak to.

This was tasty food that comes in long-life packs.

I loved the chicken jambalaya (244 cals) and scrummy pork meatballs (327 cals).

Great variety, substantial and tasty, and it promotes healthy long-term eating habits with plenty of fresh veg incorporated.

The downside is you need to do extra shopping for sides of veg.

A month’s supply of 5:2 costs £62 – that is eight breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


1:1 diet – Does it teach you healthy eating habits? No.

Is it bars, shakes and soups out of packets? Yes.

But if you want support, convenience, no extra shopping and satisfying portions, this is great.

Each pack contains about 200 cals, with all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

I loved it and I loved the support from Donna Amrani, an award-winning consultant who messaged regularly to keep me motivated, weighed and measured me weekly.

You can even eat peanut bars (that taste amazing) for breakfast. I am a convert.

Each meal is around £2.62 (£15.72 a week).


Think juices – Think Press brings frozen, cold-pressed organic juices to your door.

You defrost them the day before you need them.

Its new 5:2 plan consists of five drinks between 500 and 600 cals.

This plan makes you feel so healthy.

I love the Fresh Green smoothie with cucumber, apple, spinach, lemon and ginger.

I am ordering more for the freezer.

They are perfect for when we start getting some warmer weather. From £45 per week.


BEAUTY: with Tara Ledden

Budget – The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Anhydrous Solution, £5.20 for 30ml, cultbeauty.

The water-free, squalane-based serum is far gentler than most salicylic spot treatments, which can leave skin feeling dry and flaky, but still effectively sloughs away spot-causing dead skin cells – perfect for anyone with sensitive or dehydrated skin.

I liked the dry-oil texture but found it didn’t really sink in, so I used it in the evening evening rather than under make-up.

My skin is definitely a lot clearer now, but this serum worked best at banishing blackheads rather than drying out active spots.

Favourite: mid – Avène Cleanance Localised Drying Emulsion, £12 for 15ml,

I expected this to be a white, chalky solution like other drying spot treatments I’ve tried.

But it felt very silky so I could wear it under make-up.

You can apply this product up to three times a day, but twice was enough for me to see a very visible improvement.

It reduced the redness, swelling and pain in my pimples, while also making my skin less oily.

It is great if you suffer from acne, as you don’t need loads to cover them.

Luxury– Sunday Riley Saturn Sulfur + Niacinamide Spot Treatment, £20 for 15ml,

Soothing niacinamide, anti-bacterial tea tree and sulphur make for a seriously good spot-fighting cocktail.

The gel stops spots growing as soon as it is applied, so the earlier you catch the breakout, the better the results.

But it is very drying, so if you have super-sensitive skin, this might be too harsh.

And be warned: As with any sulfur product, it has quite a strong scent.

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