Chefs urge people to eat Xmas trees instead of binning them as they’re ‘healthy’

Eating your Christmas tree instead of throwing it away is good for your health, food experts say.

Top chefs say making the trees part of your post-Christmas meal will give you a Vitamin C boost and is also good for the planet.

They reckon we can "eat pretty much the whole thing" as long as it’s an organic tree and can be turned into everything from ice creams to gins.

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René Redzepi, of three-Michelin-starred restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, says his restaurant has been using pine needles in food for 20 years.

He added: “Think of it as rosemary – you can use it in just about anything.”

Fir trees can also be used to pickle eggs or vegetables and be used in drinks and infusions.

You could also make pine ash by putting sections of tree in an oven until charred before whizzing in a blender to create a black powder for flavouring.

Julia Georgallis, a baker and author of How to Eat Your Christmas Tree, said: “You can pretty much eat the whole thing.

“You can use the needles as you would use rosemary or bay leaves, for flavour.”

She says the climate crisis has “made everyone a lot more aware of how they’re eating, what they’re eating, and how they buy and grow stuff”.

And she reckons it would be better for the environment if Christmas trees were not kept in the home at all.

She says. “I don’t know why – in a climate crisis, when trees are our best armoury – we’re cutting down thousands a year to keep hostage in our houses.”

John Williams, executive chef of the Michelin-Starred Ritz restaurant, says their “fragrant and spicy” needles can be used to enhance the flavour of celeriac among other ingredients.


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