Chip shop staff in hysterics at flirty note customer left on Just Eat order

Takeaway staff were surprised to receive a flirty message from a Just Eat customer.

At Rafo's takeaway in Dublin, a singleton asked for a chicken and chips meal to enjoy on Saturday night.

After inputting what food they’d like, they added a “special request” on the end of their order.

The unnamed person asked staff at the Whitehall takeaway to tell the "big, tall handsome fella that works there that he is a fiiiine thing".

They added two kisses on the end to make their intentions very clear.

But unfortunately for the admirer, the flirting wasn’t reciprocated.

According to Dublin Live, Rafo's were quick to put the breaks on the request so shared a message on Facebook.

They posted: “Someone was a fan of one of our staff last night on Just Eat.

“Ladies, we are sorry to disappoint but our Bushi is married."

The post garnered 200 likes and dozens of comments, with one responder joking: “Go on the Bushi!”

Another said: “Omg this is brilliant.”

A third wrote: “This is how you find a man. What do you think girls?”

And a fourth joked: “Bushi writing messages to himself again.”

A spokesperson from Rafo’s takeaway told Dublin Live that the singleton ordered “one of (their) famous snack boxes with extra leg and breast, and a chicken gravy”.

They kept quiet about the identity of the secret admirer though.

Have you ever been tempted to have a flirt with staff at your local takeaway? Don't forget to let us know in the comments section down below.

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