Chrissy Teigen Found A Great Way For Miles To Stay Cool Amid The Summer Heat

If you’re in need of a new way to stay cool this summer, then you definitely should watch Chrissy Teigen’s new video of Miles. On Monday, the Bring the Funny judge shared yet another adorable video of her baby boy on Instagram. No matter what kind of footage Teigen and John Legend share of their son and daughter, Luna, on social media, the photos and videos are always too cute to handle. Yes, the latest clip of Miles also falls under that category.

Summer can sometimes brings high temperatures. Between drinking lots of water, air conditioning, fans, and jumping in the swimming pool, there are all kinds of ways to prevent your body from overheating. Well, Teigen found the perfect way for Miles to keep cool and have fun all at once. Better yet, the 1-year-old didn’t even have to go outside in the hot weather to do so.

As you can watch below, the Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author brought Miles’ splash table inside their house. A splash table is simply a toy for kids to splash around in after it’s filled with water. It appears to be a great toy, especially when it’s warm outside. Some might find Teigen’s choice risky, especially with a little kid splashing water all over the place indoors. Even she recognized her decision that could result in a possible mess. She captioned the video of Miles,

That said, Teigen was smart enough to put towels underneath the splash table so the floor wouldn’t get completely soaked.

In the video, Teigen is heard asking Miles as he splashes profusely, "Are you crazy?!" She then couldn’t help but praise him for standing like the big boy he is. "You’re doing such a good job standing," she sweetly told him.

As much as Teigen may have regretted her choice to allow Miles to splash water inside their home, there’s no denying he had a great time. The way the Lip Sync Battle host laughed and gushed over her son also showed that she didn’t totally hate the situation. She certainly enjoyed watching Miles have fun.

Whenever Miles and Luna do anything cute or funny, both Teigen and Legend can’t help but post the moment on social media. For example, The Voice coach uploaded yet another stinking cute image of Miles hanging in Italy on July 2. The family went on vacation to Europe recently and Miles clearly had a blast.

It looks like Italy may have been warm, so too bad Miles didn’t have his splash table to stay cool. Though, sailing around on a boat in Portofino probably helped. It sure seems like Miles channeled his vacation vibes just fine. And now that the family is back in Los Angeles, Teigen has come up with all kinds of ways to entertain her kids, including throwing a picnic for them. As she wrote about Luna on July 10 next to a photo of her eldest chilling on a blanket outside with Miles, "she wanted a very fancy picnic, the kind Ursula would have if she were young? Whatever that means."

Whatever kind of picnic wanted, Teigen followed through. She’s all about making her kids’ happy and ensuring they make great memories, even if they do make a bit of a mess in the process.

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