Chunky cat sheds the pounds to try to find a home in time for Christmas

Snuggles the cat is determined to find a forever home in time for Christmas.

So determined, in fact, that she’s stuck to a strict diet to drop nearly 2kg in weight, lest her hefty size should put off potential owners.

When the five-year-old black and white cat arrived at the RSPCA shelter, she weighed in at 7.01kg – almost double the healthy weight of an average cat.

Staff at the Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch were concerned about her health, so implemented a routine involving a reduced diet, daily playtime, and plenty of exercise.

Now, she’s a far healthier 5.31kgs, and just has a little further to go to get trim.

This means she’s ready to move on to a new home – once she meets the right match.

There are some key requirements of a potential family for Snuggles.

You’d need a garden, a cat flap, and the ability to ensure she sticks to her new healthy lifestyle.

Tracy Deamer, animal welfare officer at the branch, said: ‘Snuggles’ new year resolution is to become fitter and shed the last bit of weight.

‘She is therefore looking for a home with a garden where she can go outside and get some much-needed exercise and is looking for someone who can continue her diet.

‘Snuggles was an indoor-only cat in her previous home and sadly this caused some behavioural issues.

‘She is very scared of humans and does not like to be handled. We believe she may have been overeating due to a lack of stimulation inside the home.

‘We’d love to see her rehomed to a home with a cat flap where she can run outside every day!’

Any owner will need to accept Snuggles the way she is; which can be a little grumpy at times.

She’s a touch wary of people and takes a while to warm up, so an experienced an patient owner will be needed.

Snuggles also needs lots of enrichment to keep her entertained – think toys, scratching posts, and easy access to the great ourdoors.

If you’re keen to welcome a chunky little grump into your home, contact the RSPCA by filling out an application form and emailing [email protected] or calling 020 89669688.

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