Couple leave house empty for 9 months and are gobsmacked when plant takes over

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Buying a new home is bound to come with it’s struggles – especially if you plan on renovating.

From having to peel off ancient wallpaper to perhaps getting rid of pests, every homeowner has a story.

Just like this one couple who were left gobsmacked when they found a huge plant taking over their new abode.

Looking to renovate their first home, the couple had their offer accepted in January 2021 after viewing the house.

On their original tour of the house, there was no plant to be seen.

But nine months later when the couple finally got the keys to their pad, they were in for a huge shock after a window had been left open.

It left just enough room and time for a plant to creep through and consume a room in their home.

Taking to TikTok under the username @theessexproject, the couple shared their jungle-like discovery.

In the video, they explained: “Imagine our shock when we realised the house we had bought had been left empty and a window left open for 9 months…”

A massive plant can be seen, which made many think the pair had a greenhouse attached to the house.

But in actual fact, the vast plant sprawled against the walls and floor of the inside of the house.

It also started to creep its way into the kitchen next to the room!

Luckily for the couple, cutting down the plant only took a couple of minutes.

Equally shocked at the huge foliage breaking through the window, people fled to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person commented: “Aesthetically speaking…I don't hate it.”

Another user voiced: “Jumanji vibes.”

A third person added: “That’s absolutely amazing. Can it stay?”

Someone else expressed: “All I am seeing is selfie plant wall.”

As a fifth user joked: “Could be worse, it could have been squatters.”

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