Couple want another woman to complete marriage – but insist they’re not swingers

Meet the couple who are looking for another woman to complete their marriage, but they insist they're not swingers.

Professional dancers and choreographers Melia and Sammy Lucid met in 2009 at the age of 18 after being set up by a friend.

Shortly after the couple, both 30, moved in together before Sammy proposed when they were 22.

Three years after tying the knot in 2013, Melia and Sammy discussed bringing someone new to their relationship.

As Sammy was interested in exploring it, the couple, from Atlanta, US, sought to form a romance with a bisexual woman.

The pair used apps like Tinder and Bumble to find a third person to build a future with.

But their first triad relationship came to an end after their girlfriend had to relocate to another country.

Now Melia and Sammy are on the hunt to find love with another woman who they can begin a polyamorous relationship with.

The couple have received an overwhelming amount of support from the poly community who call their relationship "beautiful".

But they have experienced a small amount of hate who claim they must not really love each other.

For Melia and Sammy, the biggest misconception they hear about polyamory is that their relationship is simply about sex.

Melia said: "We are each other's first love. We moved in together and have been happily in love ever since."

She added: "The subject of bringing in a woman to our relationship really started out as bedroom talk.

"We both knew nothing about polyamory and we started dating women together before we really realised we were polyamorous.

"Polyamory has only brought us even closer as husband and wife and as friends.

"For us polyamory is our belief that we can fall in love and be in love with more than one person at a time in this life.

"It's really living with an abundance of love, joy, and connection."

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Melia and Sammy hope to fall in love together with a woman in order for them to "have a family together".

She detailed: "When we are dating someone, we spend time with them together as a group, but also individually.

"Falling in love is one of the greatest experiences, so to fall in love twice with two people, it was like fireworks went off in our hearts.

"Our last two relationships have been amazing experiences and again, solidified how special a polytriad can feel to be a part of."

As most people assume polyamorous is all about sex, Melia insists she and her husband aren't swingers.

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She said: "You can have sex with anyone.

"In fact, there is an entire different version of this lifestyle that is primarily about just that sex and it's called swinging.

"Not to mention the sex is always better when you truly have feelings for someone.

"We're looking to add more joy, laughs, adventures, hugs and cuddles to our relationship."

The couple post videos on their Instagram and TikTok pages to teach people what it's like being in a polyamorous relationship.

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