Dad fuming as sons served plain jacket potatoes at school because of allergies

A furious dad blasted a primary school after his two sons were served plain jacket potatoes for lunch – because they have allergies.

Four-year-old Alvin Braese and Victor, five, who cannot eat gluten and egg white, have allegedly had the boring spuds every day since the start of the year.

St Peter's Primary School in Aylesford, Kent took on a new catering firm – The Contract Dining Company – in September and it has, according to the boy's dad Jorg, failed to accommodate for the boys' needs.

The firm changed the school's menu and it left Alvin and Victor with limited options.

Jorg 56, said: "We filled in these allergy forms before school started, but then when term began they just got given baked potatoes.

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"It was fine in the first week but then we started to get nervous, especially our boys."

The pair's dad complained to the school and, three or four weeks later, Victor and Alvin were given alternative menu options.

But then in January, when school restarted after Christmas, he says it happened again.

Jorg, who himself runs a food wholesalers, added: "They've just been served baked potatoes since then."

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"We don't understand why it is happening again. It's frustrating, and it hurts so much to see our boys suffering.

"They are really sad. They don't want to go to school, and the other boys are always laughing at them. It's such a shame, because they always loved going to school.

"We have spoken to the school and they have promised to do something about it, but still they keep getting the same baked potatoes every meal."

Jorg, originally from Germany, also wants to help other parents in similar situations.

He and his wife, who is a medical researcher, like to offer the boys a varied diet at home, including plenty of fruit and vegetables.

The dad said: "She [his wife] does a lot of research about food, so we try to give them the right food at home, but their school keeps letting us down."

The allergy-prone brothers who have been served only jacket potatoes for weeks at school have them topped with either nothing, baked beans or peas.

St Peter's Primary School's headteacher, Jim Holditch, said that the boys were being served baked potatoes because the catering company was busy drawing up a "specific menu" for them.

Mr Holditch said: "The father emailed me on January 20 about this and that day I spoke to the caterers to clarify the situation.

"Apparently when a parent informs them that a child has a food allergy, they provide the parent with a specific form on which they are asked to give all relevant details of the allergy.

"The company then draws up a specific menu for the child, which is implemented. Until that process is completed, their policy is to limit the food offered and in this case that is to baked potatoes.

"Obviously no one wants that process to take any longer than necessary. The caterers will always provide for any food allergy which parents raise with them."

Mirror Online has contacted the catering company.

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