Dad-of-four discovered ‘wife had multiple affairs after she left Facebook open’

A father-of-four claims he discovered his wife of 10 years had multiple affairs after she left her Facebook open.

Seth Megow, 33, married his wife Chrissy when he was 19 and said they went on to have a happy eight years together.

But he claims his wife's behaviour changed when she started coming home late and changed passwords for accounts.

He also claimed it became harder to communicate with his long-term partner.

Seth, from Georgia, America, said when Chrissy left her Facebook page open one night, he was shocked to discover the extent of her alleged cheating – claiming she had been engaging in multiple affairs.

He said some of the flings had been going on for a year.

Speaking about the moment he says he found the messages, Seth said: "It was in that moment, I realized the extent of it all. There were multiple affairs happening. 

"My best guess about it all was she suffered from postpartum depression and struggled with some slight substance abuse, which led to an initial affair."

Seth, who writes the blog ' Who put me iPad in the Dishwasher , said he thought he and his wife communicated well and never lied to one another.

He also added their physical relationship was healthy, reports Love What Matters .

The couple, parents to Stevie, Neela, Titus and Olive, revealed he thought his wife was becoming less easy to talk to due to stress at her work and raising four children.

He added: "She was in avoidance mode, and I was in detective mode."

Despite having suspicions about her alleged cheating, he said only after he found the messages did his "head and heart know the truth".

Looking back at their decade long relationship, he said it was him who woke in the nights to place the children with her to feed or to change their nappies.

He said he worked as a warehouse worker loading trucks in a warehouse in order for her to finish her Master's Degree.

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