Did Jax and Brittany from 'Vanderpump Rules' Fire Transphobic Wedding Officiant?

Even though Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules were questioned about the ultra-conservative pastor they hired to officiate their wedding, it took demands on social media to prompt them to make a move.

Vanderpump Rules fans are ramping up for Taylor and Cartwright’s big day. From the parties to Cartwright’s dress, fans have followed along at every turn. Viewers were especially excited about seeing the nuptials unfold on the next season of Vanderpump Rules. But there is one aspect no one wanted to see.

The pastor the couple hired to officiate has freely shared his very conservative opinions about transgender individuals in the church, abortion, and immigration. Cartwright even addressed pastor Ryan Dotson’s anti-gay and trans stance during the season. But it was social media posts and an article by Buzzfeed’s deputy editorial director, Lara Parker that may have set in motion the wheels for a change.


Parker tweeted publicly available posts Dotson made over the years. She added, “There are a lot of reasons to no longer watch #VanderpumpRules like, idk, everyone pretending that Brittany marrying someone who verbally abused her is cool, but I’d say the biggest reason is that this is Jax & Brittany’s pastor & @BravoTV is giving him a platform for the wedding.”

But she went further, adding more evidence to her Twitter feed and asking how a show that is so pro-LGBTQ would allow Dotson to officiate. She also wrote an article so fans knew exactly who was scheduled to marry the couple.

Parker also added that Cartwright and Taylor blocked her on social media too. “lmaoooo ok. blocking me doesn’t make you any less complicit, sorry!” she wrote on Twitter.

The squeaky wheel

Even though Cartwright addressed Dotson’s views on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Dotson remained as her wedding pastor. Until Parker’s posts and the story went viral.

As a result, boss Lisa Vanderpump responded to Buzzfeed saying only now she was made aware of Dotson. “A rep for Lisa Vanderpump told BuzzFeed, ‘I’ve contacted Jax and Brittany. They are dealing with this today. This attitude is totally not acceptable to them and changes are forthcoming,’” Parker tweeted.

Parker’s coworker Kate Aurthur tweeted her support.”[email protected] is about to get Brittany’s and Jax’s pastor fired from officiating their wedding after @laraeparker’s nonstop screaming! GO LARA.”

Blocked but heard

Although Cartwright and Taylor blocked Parker, they certainly received her message. Dotson was relieved of his upcoming duties, less than 24 hours of Parker’s tweets and story.

Taylor responded to fan questions on Twitter. One person asked him why he couldn’t just admit there was an error in hiring Dotson and correct it. “This is also very true… but he is a nice man, his views are just very different then ours, we don’t read Facebook and I certainly don’t check messages he wrote years ago, so you’re right, I guess I should of checked better. Lesson learned,” Taylor responded.

He and Cartwright continued to defend Dotson as being a “nice man,” but Taylor confirmed Dotson is no longer officiating. No one commented on whether the couple or Vanderpump took the initiative. But fans seem to feel more at ease that their concerns were finally addressed.

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