Do you have to pay for an NHS Covid pass? Domestic and travel rules explained

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The NHS Covid Pass allows people to attend large events and even travel abroad. The new app can be downloaded by anyone aged 18 and over for venues and events, and those aged 16 and over for travel.

The app stores information on your mobile phone to be presented when requested.

Do you have to pay for an NHS Covid pass?

The NHS Covid pass is free to download and use.

The pass will show either a person’s vaccination status or evidence of their most recent Covid test results.

Testing and vaccination are free in the UK if using the NHS.

Fully vaccinated people do not need to enter their Covid test results into the app unless a specific event or travel rule states they must.

NHS Covid tests, including PCR and lateral flow home testing kits, can be used to attend events such as music or sports.

However, those who are using the app to travel abroad may have to pay for PCR tests if they have not been double vaccinated.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) warns Britons not to use NHS testing services in order to facilitate travel.

It states: “You should arrange to take a private test.”

How does an NHS Covid pass work?

The NHS Covid Pass stores information on a person’s vaccination record or a Covid test.

Britons must download the Covid Pass to their smartphone. This is not to be confused with the NHS COVID-19 app.

People will need to enter their mobile phone number and date of birth to create an NHS log in and see their results.

Fully vaccinated people will have their records stored in the app.

Those who are not vaccinated can take a COVID-19 test, the results of which can then be uploaded to the app.

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Alternatively, people who have recovered from Covid previously can upload a positive Covid test to show evidence of having antibodies.

The Covid Pass can be checked visually or scanned using a QR code.

There is also an offline version available that can be downloaded.

Does an NHS Covid pass expire?

The vaccine Covid Pass lasts for 30 days from registration but can be updated.

Each time the app is logged into, the pass will refresh.

For vaccinated people, this can be done indefinitely.

However, for those showing test results, the time limit is a little different.

For someone who is uploading a previous positive Covid test as evidence of antibodies, this will be available for 30 days at a time.

People can log into the app again for the pass to be rolled over. However, it can only be rolled over for up to 180 days.

A negative PCR or lateral flow result can only be used for 48 hours.

This can not be rolled over and a person must take another test to create a new pass.

When do you need to use an NHS Covid pass?

The NHS Covid Pass can be used both domestically and internationally.

In the UK, the NHS Covid Pass can be used for entry to events attracting large crowds.

This includes things such as concerts, theatre productions and sporting events.

The NHS Covid Pass can also be used to facilitate travel abroad.

Within their entry requirements, some countries require visitors to be fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

This information should be verified before travel, as each nation sets out its own specific rules.

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