Don't Freak Out, But Amazon's Having a Secret Sale on Apple Products

Looking to level up your ~technology~ game in 2021? You’re in luck. Right now, Amazon is slashing the price of a bunch of AirPods, Apple Watches, and so much more. Anyone else as excited as me? This is a safe space.

You already know Apple makes some of the most sought-after gadgets around. (See: AirPods.) From their sleek design to their user-friendly interface, Apple’s accessories are poised to make you very, very dependent on them—but in the BEST way!

Take Apple’s AirPods, which I’m clearly a fan of. They’ll help you tune into your millionth Zoom call of the day (while drowning out your roommates), listen to your go-to pump-up jam playlist while you’re working out, or enable you to catch up on some late-night Bravo without waking your boo. BTW, If you want some extra peace and quiet, spring for the AirPods Pro, which have that sweet, sweet noise-canceling technology. Plus, these buds have Apple’s fancy Siri technology, so they can double as a virtual personal assistant…once you train them.

If you’re into le sweating, snag an Apple Watch! Not only can this device send all your texts, emails, and notifications directly to your wrist, but it can also monitor your daily activity and heart rate. Oh, also! If you’re in the market for a fitness app, Apple Fitness+ is kind of the bomb—and you can only use it if you have an Apple watch. I know Apple Watches are notoriously expensive, but you can score a Series 3 model for under $200 rn. Wow.

And, I mean, I can’t NOT mention their lower prices on the iPad, which is perfect for chilling after a long day without sharing the living room with your roomies (or, you know, Bridgerton).

Go forth and add to cart, my fellow Apple fans!

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