Dr Esho reveals secrets of Tom Cruise and Madonna's wrinkle-free looks

Are Tom’s ‘chipmunk cheeks’ down to too much filler? Cosmetic doctors deconstruct THOSE shocking Cruise and Madonna pics

  • Fans of Cruise, 59, were distracted by his ‘puffy’ skin after he was spotted at a  baseball game in San Francisco with his son Connor this weekend
  • Some speculated on social media Mission Impossible star ‘had gained weight or had enhancements’ – cosmetic doctor Dr Ross Perry agrees it could be both
  • Leading cosmetic doctor Dr Nyla agreed the star may have ‘overindulged’ with fillers but Bodyfixers’ Dr Tijion Esho said the look could be also ‘natural ageing’ 
  • Meanwhile Madonna, 63, frequently posts photos on Instagram snaps of her perfect complexion despite being into her seventh decade 
  • Aesthetic Doctor Dr Gabriella Birley says Material Girl singer has ‘zero wrinkles’ and plumped up cheeks showing no sign of the hollowing that comes with age
  • Dermal fillers cost from around £350, with anti-wrinkle treatments from £250 – with both treatments generally lasting between six and 18 months

Madonna and Tom Cruise have been in the spotlight for nearly 40 years…but it’s the 80s mega stars’ recently changed looks – not their day jobs – that are sparking attention. 

This weekend, A-list action man Cruise, who celebrates his 60th birthday next July, appeared in the crowd at a San Francisco Giants baseball game with son Connor, 26, – but left many fans distracted by his ‘puffy’ face – with some saying the Mission Impossible star was barely ‘recognisable’ and had ‘chipmunk cheeks’.

On the other US coast, Madonna was seen with equally plumped-up skin performing an acapella version of Like a Prayer in Harlem; her complexion looking just as peachy as when she first dominated the charts with the same song back in 1989. 

The 63-year-old star regularly shares photos on Instagram showing off close-ups of her flawless, glowing skin, which a woman 30 years her junior might envy.

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Changing faces: Tom Cruise’s appearance at a baseball game in San Francisco on Saturday night led to some fans speculating the 59-year-old Misssion Impossible star had undergone some cosmetic enhancements – or is the star just finally beginning to age? 

Raising eyebrows… and questions: Twitter reacted over the weekend as many fans wanted to know what Tom Cruise had done to make himself look different 

Now and then: Cruise (left) at the baseball game on Saturday, and pictured right in 2019 at an event in Burbank, California. His fuller cheeks could be ‘overindulging with filler’, said cosmetic doctor Dr Nyla

Flawless skin at 63: Madonna frequently posts photos on Instagram of her wrinkle-free complexion

Better with age? Madonna pictured on the set of  ‘Who’s that Girl?’ in 1987. Right, an Instagram photo of the star posted recently

Top cosmetic doctor, Dr Tijion Esho, star of Bodyfixers on Netflix, says where celebrities might once have gone under the knife to do battle with the ageing process, fillers, botox, peels and ‘instant face-lifts’ have now become the go-to maintenance technique for A-listers of a certain vintage. 

And provided you’ve got a bank balance that can handle it – dermal fillers cost from around £350, while anti-wrinkle treatments start from around £250 – it’s possible to plump and smooth skin for between six and 18 months. 

Here, FEMAIL asks some of the UK’s top cosmetic doctors for their verdicts on enhancements Tom Cruise and Madonna may have undergone to preserve their star looks: 


Dr Nyla Raja, Founder of Medispa clinics in Cheshire and Harley Street, which has a raft of high profile clients, says the Mission impossible star may well have ‘overindulged’ on fillers judging by his latest public outing. 

Dr Nyla told FEMAIL: ‘It would appear Tom has overindulged in anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers which has actually had an adverse effect on his appearance.   

In his most recent appearance, Cruise looked puffier around the cheeks than his usual chiselled jaw-line, prompting speculation he’d had dermal injections to smooth out his skin 

‘Without careful consideration to each individual patients’ facial structures’ results of fillers can make faces “appear distorted and unnatural”.’ 

Dr Ross Perry, Medical Director of the Cosmedics skin clinics, suggests Cruise’s latest look, which has disconcerted some of his fans, could be a double whammy of a few extra pounds and a trip to a cosmetic clinic. 

He says: ‘Tom looks significantly different in his most recent pictures and I would suggest it’s a combination of weight gain and dermal fillers.’

Dr Esho agrees there’s definitely some signs of natural ageing at play: ‘As we age, we lose mid face volume and our skin elasticity reduces, which is why our skin sags and gets loose.

‘We also notice increase of fatty tissue in the lower aspects of our face and you can see this as he is showing a bit more volume around the chin and neck which can be due to this. 

‘As time goes on skin that was smooth and tight gets loose and sags. This is completely natural, normal and will happen to most of us as we age.’


Changing faces: Tom Cruise sparks Twitter reactions with different appearance at Game 2 of the National League Division Series in San Francisco on Saturday night

Dr Perry offers: ‘Tom’s cheeks look taut yet puffy and by having this amount of fillers placed in this area, which is said to restore plumpness which we lose as we age, it actually only makes his eyes look much smaller and gives him a chipmunk-type appearance.’ 

Dr Nyla, meanwhile, said Cruise has moved away from ‘a naturally enhanced youthful look to an exaggerated look of his facial symmetry, with over volumisation in the cheeks’ 

Dr Esho adds: ‘In terms of fillers and needle work, I can see that it’s likely he’s had subtle injectables on the cheeks for the most part to help “lift” the face. 

‘It’s very important that fillers and botox are administered by well trained experts or the puffy results you can see in Tom are common. 

‘His cheeks are slightly puffy, which can often be referred to as “pillow” face – in an effort to anti-age, he’s likely had filler in the cheeks to smoothen the skin and lift the mid-face but a less is more approach is advised to avoid the puffiness seen.’


Changing faces: Tom Cruise sparks Twitter reactions with different appearance at Game 2 of the National League Division Series in San Francisco on Saturday night

Dr Perry says of Cruise’s eyes: ‘If you actually look at Tom’s face you will see very little laughter lines around the eye area, which is a tell tale sign of fillers. 

‘Most people opt to have around 1ml of demal filler placed to give a natural look, but looking at these images I’d say he’s gone for a lot more which just doesn’t look very natural.’

Dr Perry adds that as well as exaggeration to the cheeks, the malar area, under the eyes down towards the mouth, also looks plumper than it should.   

More and more people of a certain age are turning to fillers over surgery, says Dr Nyla, Founder and Medical Director of Medispa in Cheshire, which has a raft of high profile clients. Right, cosmetic doctor Dr Tijion Esho, who appears in the Netflix series Bodyfixers. He says Madonna’s look are possibly ‘an amalgamation of decades of procedures’


Dr Perry surmises: ‘I’d also suggest he’s had a small amount of Botox within the forehead as his overall complexion looks considerably smooth given his age, I’d definitely expect to see more signs of ageing in the form of lines and wrinkles.’ 


The verdict of Dr Perry on the Mission Impossible star’s lips: ‘Again, there’s a lack of wrinkles around the nose and mouth, a sign that fillers might have been used.’  

Night out: Cruise was enjoying a night out at Oracle Park to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Los Angeles Dodgers with his son Connor, 26, by his side (pictured, left) 

Dr Esho suggests Cruise might be using topical creams to keep his lips looking good: ‘His lips seem to be natural – he may be using topical products at home – I’ve seen a huge change in the lip market, as consumers move from fillers to cheaper and more accessible products to plump the lips. 

‘I’ve just launched my own lip serum in my ESHO line – it’s like having your very own lip doctor in a tube.’ 


Dr Esho says: ‘His jaw also looks defined, which tells me he may have had jaw filler in the lower part of the face to balance out the cheeks. 

‘Jaw filler and cheek filler usually lasts between six and 18 months, and can cost up to from £200, depending on things like the type of product and number of syringes used, and the complexity of the area being treated.’


Zero lines: The Vogue star pictured with her son David Banda at his 16th birthday last month 

Dr Esho says of the pop superstar’s changing looks: ‘Madonna is 63 and has looked to change significantly over the years. I suspect she’s been having subtle work done for over twenty years – so her current look is an amalgamation of those procedures.’ 

He adds the 63-year-old is probably spending ‘thousands of dollars’ and plenty of hours maintaining her looks. 


Dr Gabriella Birley, Aesthetic Doctor at SkinCision by Allen Rezai MD, says Madonna’s forehead has no signs of ageing.  

‘Looking from the top of Madonna’s face downwards, she is completely line-free on her forehead. Her natural frown lines aren’t there, so I’d speculate most definitely a lot of Botox has been administered.

‘As we age the temporal region of our faces lose fat and appear hollow so I believe she has had filler in her temple region too. 


Neither Madonna’s eyes or forehead show any signs of the kind of natural wrinkles you might expect with age, suggesting botox and an ‘instant face lift’ – also known as PDO Cog threads might have been administered

Dr Birley continues: ‘Moving to the eyebrows, the lateral tail of her brow is elevated. 

‘This can be done with a small amount of Botox to create a brow lift however my impression would be that this was done via PDO Cog threads – known as an instant facelift – to give that elevation.

‘Raising the eyebrows can actually exaggerate any sagging skin above the eyes; I would not be surprised if she has had an upper lid blepharoplasty.’ 

Dr Esho’s verdict on Madonna’s brows? ‘They have been in the same position for a few years, high on the face and definitely telling of a brow lift. 

‘This may be a non-surgical lift, the botox brow lift or ‘chemical’ brow lift is a very popular technique which can treat mild to moderate heaviness in the brow for those that want to avoid surgery. 

‘It helps wrinkles fade away and the brows are lifted giving a brighter more youthful appearance. The absence of wrinkles on her forehead suggests this may be the case.’ 

The Detroit-born star in her younger years, her cheeks look plumper now, suggesting she may have had enhancements to stop the natural hollowing that comes with age


Dr Esho’s verdict is: ‘Madonna’s likely to be getting facials like hydrafacial or resurfacing laser treatments (perhaps the alma hybrid laser) regularly. 

‘These can cost hundreds of dollars a week and the results last for weeks, so if you get the treatment regularly the results will be really effective and give that glow that you see on her skin.’

Dr Birley speculates: ‘Her skin looks absolutely flawless and has a real glow so a skin booster like Profhilo might have been used. The use of laser, good skin care, spf, peels may have also contributed to this!’ 


‘In our late twenties, we start to deplete in volume in our mid cheek, Madonna’s cheeks are very full so cheek filler could have been used to create that contour and elevation,’ says Dr Birley. 

Dr Esho comments: ‘She’s definitely got full cheeks which could be due to either fat transfers from other areas of the body or filler which can be put there in an effort to anti-age.’


The Material Girl singer sports a full lip in her sixties, perhaps as the result of a ‘gummy smile treatment’ plus filler and botox

Dr Birley surmises: ‘Her lips, which also deplete with advancing years, are plump in volume, so a small amount of lip filler may have been used alongside filler in the nasolabial and marionette lines.

‘Looking at early photos of Madonna, her gums were visible on smiling – it’s possible she’s had a ‘gummy smile treatment’ with a small amount of Botox. 

Dr Esho agrees: ‘These lips are definitely no strangers to filler – she’s had them to fill out the top lip which can shrink as we age and lose collagen.’ 


Lip fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance found in the skin and other bodily tissues. 

Hyaluronic acid injections are generally safe but can cause redness, swelling, bruising, itching and tenderness at and around the site of the injection.

Side effects may affect people differently and should be discussed with a specialist before the injections are done.

If someone gets cold sores it can trigger an outbreak, and the injections may not be suitable for people who are at risk of keloid scarring – when scars become large and grow out of control.

Lip fillers can get infected when: 

1. Unregulated cheap products are used which cause a reaction with the tissue leading to a secondary infection

2. When treatment occurs in unsanitary conditions like the back of a gym or a patients sofa.

3. When there’s poor aftercare for example use of make up immediately after treatment.

4. Syringes are shared. This is poor practice but common in areas where people want to minimise cost by sharing syringes between patient. 

How to get safe lip fillers:

1. As per NHS England advice ensure your practitioner is a registered medical professional.

2. Ensure treatment is within a clean clinical environment such as a clinic.

3. Check you practitioner had the appropriate insurance and is experienced at the procedure and treating complications.

4. Always ensure you have a follow up appointment available to you as part of your treatment.

5. Adhere to aftercare and ensure you have emergency contacts for your practitioner.  

Sources: Save Face and NHS 

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