Eames & More: 10 Most Expensive Iconic Chairs

There are many areas of our life we are willing to nearly break the bank for. Of course, different people have different priorities. But it’s not rare for some to go out of their way to invest in things that make their lives better in one way or another! It might be art, it might be skincare, plastic surgery, real estate, and so on. And there is also another thing that is, for many, nothing short of a passion – interior design.

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Now, there is a lot that can be discussed when it comes to interior design and luxury. But today, we’re going to discuss chairs. Designers often go above and beyond when it’s time to create something unique and iconic, and chairs are no exception! Whether we’re talking about comfort or simply something that’s worthy of being in a museum, there’s no shortage of luxurious and expensive chairs out there. Let’s take a look at the top.

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10 Wegner Swivel Chair – $10,600

The first chair on this list is the brainchild of a Danish designer. While it’s an extremely minimalistic object, it’s made up from materials such as chrome pipe, leather and wood. It might sound strange that such a tiny office piece of equipment sells for over $10,000. However, don’t let yourself be fooled by looks alone!

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The Wegner Swivel Chair is not only extremely comfortable and appealing to the eye, especially for those who are into modernist and minimalistic design, it’s also extremely customizable. Those who choose to invest in one, can decide between different types of wood and leather of several colors.

9 JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair – $45,000

For those of us who are big fans of anything – books, television shows, movies, and so on – we know how easily we’re willing to pay some serious money for items that are in some way related to it. Particularly those who are collectors, it’s not unheard of for fans to go above and beyond for things that have special meaning.

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Such is the case of this Harry Potter chair. It’s the actual chair where JK Rowling sat on while she was writing the first book of the series! The author engraved it with symbols and sayings related to the franchise that shot her into stardom, and it wen up for auction for the large sum of $45,000. Turns out you can put a price on childhood memories!

8 Limited Edition Banqueted Chair – $85,000

Artists Fernando and Humberto Campana came up with this extremely original masterpiece back in 2006. There are only 25 copies of this item out there, which is one of the reasons why a single chair goes for $85,000. While the structure is 100% steel, it’s easy to see why the piece is so unique.

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The two brothers have been known for using a lot of animal themes in their designs, and this chair is no exception. Panda and stuffed animal lovers will have a field day with the Banqueted Chair, whose stuffed pandas are sewn directly onto the structure. It probably feels like sitting on a cloud, but we wonder just how comfortable some people would be smashing a dozen innocent stuffed animals.

7 Kennedy Cabinet Chairs – $146,500

At first glance, there’s nothing extraordinary about these chairs. They look like any other typical office chairs found in companies during the ’60s. And while its true that they aren’t remarkable because of their extravagant design of because they were crafted by an extremely well-regarded artist, the $146,500 price tag stems from something else.

We all know how historical value can play a very important part in amping up the price of a certain item. In this case, these chairs where a gift from First Lady Jacky Kennedy to Secretary Robert McNamara. She also stated that former her husband, and former President of the United States, JFK used to sit on them. No wonder they’re so expensive!

6 PlumeBlanche Diamond Encrusted – $187,000

Have you ever wondered what if feels like to sit down on diamonds? Maybe not. And if you did, you probably came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be very comfortable. Well, the PlumeBlanche Diamond Encrusted sofa is here to lay all those doubts to rest.

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The materials used for this sofa include prime leather, mahogany, and latex. But the most important and exquisite details are the diamond studded buttons, and the logo of the brand. This is also encrusted in diamonds – half a carat, to be more precise. It’s also very exclusive, with only 50 items available. And each piece will cost you a whooping $187,000!

5 Z-Chair By Zaha Hadid – $204,000

The Z-Chair looks exactly like something a 1950s person would imagine as being from the future. And that was probably the end goal here, coming up with an extreme design that screams futuristic. The asymmetric chair is the work of one of the most famous designs in the world, Zaha Hadid.

Completely made up of stainless steel, the Z-Chair will certainly elevate the look of any living room out there, and immediately draw the eye of any by-stander. It also wins exclusivity points, since the designer only produced 25 pieces, with each costing $204,000. It might not be the most comfortable thing on the planet, but you certainly pay for the taste element.

4 The Skull Chair – $500,000

There’s just something about skulls and everyday items that human beings really seem to appreciate. The skull aesthetic isn’t exclusive to goth teenagers either, and it’s actually present in everything from ashtrays to jewelery, to – you guessed it – chairs. And a $500,00 chair at that!

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Aptly named the Skull Chair, this luxurious item actually consists of a 24 carat gold structure in the form of a skull and leather seats. Every single detail you see was hand-made, and if this is something you’d be into, you’d surely gain some attention from the people visiting your home office. Opulent and unique, no doubt!

3 Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten – $1.5 million

Some people take comfort very seriously. And for good reason, especially if you have the kind of job that forces you to be sitting down in front of a computer for 8 or more hours a day! The importance of investing in a chair that gives perfect back support but doesn’t make you want to fall asleep can’t be overstated.

Which is why the Italian house that also just so happens to be behind cars like Ferrari came up with the Aresline Xten. For a whooping $1.5 Million, you’re guaranteed to be seating on something that will feel like a drone. A very comfortable throne that uses materials originally developed for high-end athletes. Undoubtedly a huge investment, but one that just might pay off in the end.

2 Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair – $2.9 Million

Marc Newson is the most famous contemporary Australian designer. And that’s not any sort of understatement, considering that this chaise long that he came up with, and only ten other identical pieces, became the most expensive design item ever sold by an artist who is still alive. That’s quite an achievement!

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The item was auctioned for the insane amount of $2.9 Million a few years back. The three-legged, aluminium made piece is modern, shiny, and incredibly expensive. It’s one of those luxuries design aficionados would probably not have to think twice before acquiring. Make haste, there aren’t many left!

1 The Dragon’s Chair – $27.8 Million

And finally, topping this list is what’s been considered the most expensive chair in the world. This iconic piece of design costs $27.8 Million. Yes, you read that correctly! It was designed over one hundred years ago by Eileen Gray, and since then it’s been around the houses of some of the most influential people in the world.

Made of leather and sculpted wood, after being originally crafted in 1917, the Dragon’s Chair ended up being bought by none other than Yves Saint Laurent himself. We can only imagine what sitting on it feels like, but if it means spending almost $30 Million, we’ll just have to keep on dreaming!

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