Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim Scott, was found in her bathroom after suicide attempt

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Kim Scott was discovered bleeding excessively in the bathroom of her home when Macomb County police responded to a call last month warning she may have attempted suicide, according to the police report exclusively obtained by Page Six.

The ex-wife of rapper Eminem was sitting on her bathroom floor on July 30 with an “unidentified object” in her hands and had a “large amount of smeared blood” surrounding her due to “deep lacerations on legs,” the report said.

Scott, 46, had to be restrained after she allegedly attempted to strike the responding officer, according to the report, which noted that she had “difficulty speaking, was slurring her speech and later fluctuated in various levels of consciousness.”

The police officer also noted in the report that she was provided with a “small cardboard shipping box” that was covered in “haphazard messages” to Scott’s family. It also included a “self-made ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ request” that was adhered to the box with what appeared to be a “patch of blood.”

The police officer interviewed a few people at the scene—the names of whom have been redacted—but one was described as a friend of Scott’s late mother who said she received “out of character” text messages from Scott, so she went to her home to check on her and discovered her “in a prone position surrounded by blood.”

As Page Six previously reported, Scott was hospitalized on July 30 after the suicide attempt, which took place just a week after her mother, Kathleen Sluck, died. A funeral for Sluck took place at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home on July 29.

Scott shares daughter Hailie Mathers with Eminem. Neither the “Lose Yourself” rapper nor Hailie has commented publicly on the near-fatal tragedy.

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