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We can safely say that you can NEVER have enough storage, so we had our hand in the air when the opportunity arose to review the Emma Sleep Divan Bed.

With the amount of time we spend in bed, we see a bed frame as a necessary investment. A good bed frame is a key ingredient to getting a good nights sleep, so its worth doing some research before you make your decision.

  • Emma Divan Bed, from £545 at Emma Sleep – buy here


  • Two integrated drawers for storage
  • Neutral colours will fit with any decor style
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to put together
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Arrives in three boxes (two if you only order the base)


  • Expensive when not on sale
  • Only 12kg weight capacity in drawers
  • The fabric is thin at some points

  • Bed, from £545 at Emma Sleep – buy here


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Emma Divan bed review: Summary

The Emma Divan Bed is a stylish take on a classic divan base. We really enjoy the extra structure a divan gives, there is no worry of the slats failing or falling through and waking up on the bedroom floor (it’s happened to us). The sturdy wooden structure would work well with a firmer mattress, and overall it feels like a safe haven to sleep on.

The bed comes in three packages, two divan bases and the headboard. One of these base halves will have your two integrated drawers in and be quite a bit heavier, so watch out for that before you overzealously go to lift it. Due to the size and awkwardness of our staircase, we needed an extra person to get it up the stairs.

The Scandinavian wooden frame is wrapped with angora-coloured fabric, which can seem thin at some points. We aren’t one to run around with sharp objects, but we panicked about our puppy’s overzealous baby teeth and how easily they could pierce the fabric and create a hole.

Seasonal clothing or extra bedding can be packed away in the integrated storage drawers. We like to use this for winter coats because they are light enough not to weigh the drawers down, but it’s helpful to get them out of sight when the summer months arrive. The headboard is chic, non-offensive and won’t overpower other style elements in the room. 

Delivery was free and fast due to the UK manufacturing however the first bed that arrived had some damage rectified by the brand with a quick email. 

  • Bed, from £545 at Emma Sleep – buy here

Emma divan bed full review

Putting it together

Let’s preface this with – we are not flatpack people.

The idea of spending hours reading vague instructions isn’t how we want to spend our Sunday mornings. When the Emma Divan Bed arrived in three boxes with minimal assembly requirements, it was a breath of fresh air.

Two connectors hold the divan base together, and the headboard attaches to the base easily. We managed to put the bed together in under 20 minutes (longer if you include the time we took to steam the bed sheets).

The Sleep Test

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that I am a shell of a person without a good night's sleep. I go as far as to look at my sleep cycles to ensure that I am not waking up like Dr Jekyll and Hyde. 

The Emma Bed we tried was the double-size Divan Bed in the colour Angora. It also comes in a Dark Grey for those who prefer a moodier vibe in their bedroom.

We are unsure whether this might be a placebo, but we slept better just knowing that our room was not cluttered – it was safely stored in the under-bed drawers.

The frame is Scandinavian softwood wrapped in luxury upholstery. The colour stood out to us, and we could describe the colour ‘Angora’ as an ‘oat latte on a Sunday morning’. 

We teamed the bed up with a crisp white 100% linen bed set, and the clash of textures with the polyester headboard just works. 

The chrome feet meant that the bed was elevated off of the floor just enough for it not to be a dust collector when teamed with hardwood floors.

You can read our review of the Emma Original Mattress here.

  • Bed, from £545 at Emma Sleep – buy here

How much is the Emma Divan Bed?

At full price, the bed is £1,095.00 however, snap it up on a deal, and you can get 50% off at £545.00.

Does Emma make any other beds?

Emma Sleep makes several other beds, the Emma Signature Bed is another that received a glowing review from our team. Emma Sleep has six different bed options with an easy click of a button to add a mattress when selecting your frame. 

Is Emma Sleep based in the UK?

Founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015, Emma is now sold in 30 countries.

Although not based originally in the U.K, its mattresses are all manufactured and made in Britain.

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