Entrepreneur Kayla Castaneda Wins $25,000 In New Voices + Target Accelerators Pitch Competition

If you’re not familiar with the Agua Bonita beverage line, you’re about to be!

Since their initial pledge to invest $100 million total in women of color-owned businesses beginning in 2018, the New Voices team has kept their promise and continue to get closer to that goal. To date, they have awarded over 100 women of color entrepreneurs with hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for their businesses by way of more than a dozen pitch competitions and counting.

The latest round of the New Voices + Target Accelerators Pitch Competition saw Agua Bonita Co-Founder Kayla Castaneda walk away with the $25,000 grand prize in funding, along with mentorship and business coaching from the New Voices team to help scale her business with purpose. Serving up ready-to-drink beverages made with rescued, 100% real fruit, non-carbonated water, no added sugar, and sometimes spices that are prepared in a traditional manner, Agua Bonita is doing its part to tackle food waste — a key contributor to the world’s ongoing climate crisis.

Check out the full list of winners below and then be sure to head over www.essencestudios.com to see everything you missed from the latest New Voices + Target Accelerators Pitch competition. To keep up with all the life-changing work the New Voices team is doing to support, empower and elevate Black women entrepreneurs, click HERE.

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