Expert reveals the do's and don'ts for wedding night sex & why you shouldn't feel bad if your partner falls asleep

AN EXPERT revealed the do's and don'ts for wedding night sex and there's a simple reason as to why you shouldn't feel bad that your partner fell asleep as soon as you got to your room.

Though a good romp in the sack is probably the best way to end your wedding day, it might not always be completely feasible.

Don't be disappointed if one of you falls asleep

Sexual Essentials’ sex pro Samia Burton revealed that neither of you should feel disappointed if you’re too tired [to have sex that same night], many couples report falling asleep on their wedding night."

That should be your first don't for the night as you are both finally done with the event that took months to plan and that can take up a lot of physical, mental, and emotional energy.

Do plan for morning sex

On the other hand, a better way to kick off your marriage is by getting a good night's sleep and then "planning for relaxation or a bubble bath… morning sex may be your best friend the day after your Big Day."

Burton added: "Waking up to your partner refreshed and settled in can inspire a renewed sense of intimacy."

Do set the mood

Another do for your wedding "night" sex is to "really take time to set the mood, bath, candles and romance."

After you've decided that this is the person you want to be with, you'll need to spruce things up if you don't want your sex life to get boring.

Don't be afraid to bring in reinforcements

Burton suggested: "Don’t be afraid to add some toys, with a full honeymoon to look forward to body parts get tired!"

"Bring in reinforcements to make sure everyone is satisfied."

Do spruce things up

“Don’t stay in the room all day – try some role-playing, such as flirting like strangers at your hotel bar," Burton suggested.

"Even though you’re newlyweds, some roleplay and dress-up is always a nice touch.

"Try some massages, very sensual and very intimate for such a special occasion, as well as a nice surprise for your partner.”

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