Facebook Marks International Women’s Day with Video Campaign Celebrating Women Making 'Herstory'

Facebook is showing its support for women around the country who are creating change and paving the way.

In honor of International Women's Day on Monday, the social networking platform announced the launch of their video campaign titled "Hall of Her," which Facebook is sharing with PEOPLE.

The campaign will highlight the work of women leaders who are "making herstory" and impacting society "in big and little (yet profoundly positive) ways," according to Facebook.

Among those featured in the campaign are LaJoya Johnson, Tia Meyers and Phoebe Broad — all of whom founded individual Facebook groups that enact change, promote community and celebrate other women.

Broad — who started Quarantined with Toddlers in March 2020 as a way to provide comfort, solidarity and ideas to other parents facing lockdown with toddlers — tells PEOPLE that this year's International Women's Day holds even more significance than years prior.

"The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but especially women," she says. "Mothers, especially, have taken on the roles of still working full time, being homemakers and full-time child care takers — an impossible feat in 24 hours — all without their village and support networks around them. This International Women's Day is a chance to appreciate all the unrecognized work that women do, which is more apparent than ever this year."

Meyers — who founded Freelancing Females, the largest community of freelance women who are redefining the idea of a 9-to-5 job — has her sights set on equality.

"International Women's Day is a day to amplify the voices of women and forge a better, more equal world," Meyers says. "Now, more than ever, women are moving to freelance whether for flexibility, freedom and financial independence. We have an opportunity now to rebuild more resilient economies and lifestyles, a more flexible society as a whole."

For Johnson, the founder of Black Educated Lesbians, which connects and gives a voice to Black lesbians around the world, she believes the day will serve as a uniting moment.

"International Women's Day to me means being able to provide a spotlight on women from all backgrounds regardless of race, sexual orientation and geographic location," she explains. "We have the ability to share our womanhood together on this one day and be proud that we're privileged to be female."

In addition to the video campaign, Facebook is celebrating Women's History Month by calling on users to recognize the supportive women in their lives using #ShoutOut.

Since launching the call-out on March 1, male and female users alike have participated, including celebrities Lance Bass, Jamie Chung, La La Anthony and Jeannie Mai.

Facebook said they included #ShoutOut in their Hall of Her video campaign Monday and hope to keep the positive shoutouts coming all month long.

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