Fashion vlogger reveals the designer items that are NOT worth buying

The designer buys that are NOT worth your money: High-end fashion vlogger gives her verdict on ‘fragile’ Louis Vuitton scarves, ‘overpriced’ Bottega Veneta bags and Chanel costume jewellery which ends up ‘falling apart’

  • Sophie Shohet, who lives in London, has over 330,000 subscribers on YouTube 
  • Fashion vlogger has advised against purchasing Gucci and Bottega Veneta
  • Said quality of Louis Vuitton scarves and Chanel jewellery aren’t worth money 

A luxury fashion vlogger has revealed the designer items that she believes should be avoided as long term investments. 

Sophie Shohet, who lives in London, often shares her opinion on high-end goods including fashion, cars and home decor with her 330,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In a series of recent videos, she advised viewers against purchasing items from luxury brands including Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton, claiming they’re releasing so many bags that it’s difficult to know which ones will become classic in the future.

She also added that she believes Louis Vuitton scarves and Chanel costume jewellery aren’t worth the money because she thinks that the quality is poor.

Here FEMAIL takes a look at just a few of Sophie’s tips and tricks when looking at investing in a designer piece…

Sophie Shohet (pictured), who lives in London, has shared the designer items and brands to avoid purchasing – including Louis Vuitton scarves 


Despite saying she likes Louis Vuitton, Sophie has advised against purchasing the brand in more than one video.

The fashion vlogger said two of the scarves from the brand that she has been gifted are extremely fragile and have been damaged in just a few wears. 

She said: ‘I was given this scarf back in I think, 2014, for Christmas. It’s beautiful. I think it’s the wool one and you can get this in different colours.

‘It is the most fragile scarf I’ve ever known. I had it dry cleaned and I don’t use it now.’ 

Showing the loose threads and bobbles, Sophie continued: ‘I don’t think I’ve worn this more than ten times, not even more than five.

‘The thing is I preserved this. As soon as I realised how delicate it was, I didn’t use it which is a waste in it’s own right. 

‘If you’re wanting to get a scarf, please don’t get this one. I think you will find that you end up really having to mother it.’ 


Having blasted the quality of their scarves, Sophie also advised against purchasing other items from Louis Vuitton saying they’ve ‘gone mad with making a billion designs’ of bag’. 

She explained: ‘When I went in there for Christmas, I was really overwhelmed by the amount of designs. 

‘And some of the designs look a bit like…when you cast out a bunch of fishing lines and then you see which ones get bites on it. Then you discontinue the others and just run with the one that does well.’ 

The fashion vlogger explained it’s difficult to know which of Louis Vuitton’s bags are classic and although it’s good to have choice, it can be a challenge to know what’s worth buying long term

The fashion vlogger explained it’s difficult to know which of Louis Vuitton’s bags are classic and although it’s good to have choice, it can be a challenge to know what’s worth buying long term. 

She said: ‘In a way, I could buy something that is a one off…but I felt like I wanted to say, what is long term here? What are your classic bags that I can buy now but that they won’t pull?’ 

She said her mother has also stopped buying Louis Vuitton after noticing an increase in fake monochrome goods being sold.

Sophie added: ‘It’s not so much the fake that’s the problem. It’s the exclusivity that you lose when you start seeing something all over the place.

‘My mum also said that sometimes she would see someone in public with a bag that was in this print, but the bag didn’t exist. 

‘The bag was in a style that Louis Vuitton had never made, you would look at it and if you were familiar with the brand you would say, “that’s fake”.

‘But now they’re in a point, where for me personally someone who isn’t that familiar with their designs, I might look at one of their designs and question whether it’s authentic as well.’ 


Sophie said Chanel costume jewellery (pictured) breaks easily, claiming she has repeatedly had to return to the luxury brand to have pearls put back into her earrings 

The vlogger said costume jewellery from many designer brands isn’t very good, revealing the stones from her Chanel earrings have fallen out. 

She told viewers to avoid buying glitzy pieces from the legendary French fashion house, adding: ‘You will spend the whole rest of your life going to Chanel for them to stick back the stones, only for it to happen again.

‘It’s really annoying. With Chanel, when you go and look at the brooches or earrings so many of the things that have got the stuck in pearls and stones are the prettiest things.

‘So you naturally want to buy it, but then it ends up falling apart.’


The fashion blogger also said she had struggled while shopping at the Hermès concession in Harrods department store.

She recalled spending ‘over an hour’ in the shop trying to buy a belt, explaining that a salesperson had assured her they would help, before it emerged they had gone to work with another customer.

She said it was ‘arrogant and rude’ of the sales assistant, saying: ‘I don’t even know the excuse he made. As we went to leave, someone else came to help us and it was just…it was not a nice or fun experience.’ 

She continued: ‘That was my experience, it was rude and disrespectful.’    

She continued: ‘Whereas if you get something that is one solid piece of metal or metal with enamel inlay, something that can’t go wrong – it’s a better thing to buy.’ 

Sophie also advised against buying Chanel footwear with pearls because the stones get caught on everything, including carpet in cars.

She called it ‘questionable’  how long the stones would stay on. 


In another clip, Sophie revealed she tends to avoid buying from Gucci because she doesn’t like its ‘loud and colourful’ style.

She said: ‘I don’t especially love their bags or clothes.

‘In a way, I’m quite boring – but their styling is quite eccentric. When it comes to their clothing and their bags they are a bit too loud for me.’ 

But Sophie recommended shoppers avoid buying ‘trend pieces’ and instead seek more ‘classic’ items from the brand.

She continued: ‘One thing I do like them for is their shoes, belts and scarves.’  


In one video, the fashion blogger explained that she never buys from Hermes because she ‘doesn’t love the styles enough to spend the money’. 

But she also revealed she had been tempted to buy two items from Hermes, explaining she actually had been ‘disappointed’ by a bracelet she purchased from the designer.

She said: ‘I’d seen these bracelets online pre-loved and I knew they got quite scratched up but for the money that this was, it’s really scratched up.

‘And I’m quite disappointed with it. I kept the protective sticker on it for a while. And I’ve noticed on some of the edges that the gold has started rubbing off.’

She continued: ‘This is £500 bracelet. From a quality perspective, I don’t love it.’  

In one clip, the fashion blogger revealed she had invested £500 in a Hermes bracelet which she said had become ‘scratched’ and added she was ‘quite disappointed’ with the piece 


In one clip, while discussing investing in a Dior bag, Sophie explained that she would be wary of buying anything with a large logo on it.

She said: ‘The logos at Dior have changed over the years quite rapidly and I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed again.

‘So then you’ve got a bag with a great big logo on it that is no longer being rolled out.’

‘I wouldn’t go down that trend route.’ 


Sophie revealed she likes Bottega Veneta’s clothing but their bags are too expensive because the styles depends on current trends. 

She said: ‘The bigger pouch bag, I think that’s £2,800. Nearly £3,000 for a bag that is that new and in my opinion is really a trend.

‘I really feel especially with that chunky handle, I love the look of it but I just can’t imagine that being long term. 

‘Unless money is no object, for a bag like that I personally wouldn’t spend that money.’

‘Since December I’ve done a double take on some of these prices. It’s crazy.’ 

Sophie said bags by Bottega Veneta are too expensive because they are trend pieces, rather than long term investments


In a recent video, Sophie said: ‘The longer the loungewear movement went on last year, the more designer collections got on board with it.

‘I knew I was never going to get into it – but as a trend, I’m so glad I didn’t go down that expensive loungewear designer thing.’

She added: ‘I’m not into the loungewear trend at all. I noticed last year, when I got to a point where I was semi-living in loungewear items, I didn’t feel put together and positive.

‘When I actually put on an outfit, I feel more productive and positive.’  

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