‘Flipping Exes’ Sneak Peek: Nina & Michael Take On A Historic Home Together — Watch

Nina and Michael’s next property is a historic home that needs a lot of work. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Flipping Exes,’ Michael gives Nina the lowdown on what they need to do.

Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure head to their new property on College Street to figure out their game plan. When they drive up, Nina says, “Michael, this house looks like it needs a lot of work.” Michael notes that the property needs new walkways and stairs. They have to keep both doors, walkways, and the original columns because it’s a historical home. They also run into an issue with the windows.

Instead of doing vinyl windows, Nina and Michael have to put in wood windows. The price difference between vinyl and windows are staggering. Nina and Michael have a $100,000 budget to work with, but the wood windows will take $30,000 out of that! The inside of the home is massive. The electrical, HVAC, and plumbing are already done. But they still have to replace the kitchen cabinets, upstairs flooring, and so much more.

When Michael keeps going on and on about what they need to fix, Nina snaps. “Okay, hold on. You’re talking too fast,” she says. “Let me soak this in. I gotta feel.”

Flipping Exes follows Nina and Michael’s rollercoaster relationship in Carmel, Indiana, nicknamed “the Beverly Hills of the Midwest,” as they work together to buy, renovate and sell high-end properties. As a realtor, Nina’s client roster includes everyone from professional athletes to CEOs, while Michael is a former financier who turned his savviness with numbers into overseeing construction and operations. It’s not always easy sailing between them, but they always manage to get things done. New episodes of Flipping Exes air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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