Funny St Pancras workers crack commuters up by changing signs to ‘St Pancake’

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday which is more commonly known as Pancake Day to us food-loving Brits.

Traditionally celebrated the day before Lent begins, the big day involves copious amounts of tasty pancakes, lemon, sugar and golden syrup.

Thankfully, this is one festivity which we can enjoy during lockdown.

And, it’s not just those of us at home who had some fun yesterday…

Railway workers took it upon themselves to change the name of the London St Pancras train station to “London St Pancake” on the overhead signs.

Could a joke get any more British?

Do you love the joke or think the sign shouldn't be changed? Tell us in the comments…

The funny prank actually happens every year on Pancake Day and gives stressed commuters a chuckle when they head to or from work.

A social media user took to the Reddit sub-forum r/CasualUK to share the joke with those of us who didn’t get to see it in person.

He captioned the snap “Someone has a sense of humour…”

And, people cracked up at the light-hearted sign.

One person commented: “Every year they do this. It’s awesome.”

And, another replied: “They also do "London Winterloo" at Christmas.”

“Imagine a tourist tries to get the train and doesn't realise that that is just a joke name for Waterloo and end up missing the train,” joked a third.

“You batter hurry or you'll miss your train,” added a funny bloke.

However, not everyone was quite so thrilled with the prank.

One person added: “I enjoy a joke like most people but I really wish they wouldn't mess around with place names like this on public transport.

“I’ve travelled quite a bit and it's confusing enough as a foreigner not that familiar with the local language to navigate public transport.”

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