Furious Extinction Rebellion activists rebel against their own Tube protesters

Extinction Rebellion activists have slammed members of the group who brought chaos to the London tube network in rush hour for “jeopardising the movement”.

A senior source within the climate protest group said members were furious after splinter groups halted trains in East London despite a group-wide poll deciding against the stunt.

Two groups targeted trains at Shadwell station and Canning town around 7am, bringing delays and misery to thousands of commuters.

Protestors climbed on Jubilee Line trains at Canning town sparking a furious response from commuters.

One activist was pelted with food before being dragged from atop the train and kicked amid ugly scenes on the crowded platform.

Meanwhile, activists climbed on trains in Shadwell.

Among them was grandfather-of-four Phil Kingston, 83, was arrested for the tenth time this year after gluing himself to the side of a DLR train.

British Transport Police confirmed eight people had been arrested on suspicion of obstructing the railway and urged commuters not to “take matters into their own hands”.

The source said Extinction Rebellion members heard whispers of the plans on Wednesday evening, before a poll was sent out to gauge support.

Nearly 90% of members responded to say they opposed to the plans, with only 4% in favour.

The source said members were “dismayed” to see the action went ahead despite the feedback, attracting wide spread condemnation from the general public and politicians alike.

The source said group members now fear the incident has “alienated” the public.

They added: “We were vehemently opposed to it. So it’s really upsetting for this to happen.

"This was not an action we support.

“When the action was first announced yesterday, many members launched a campaign to the handful of people who wanted to go ahead with the action not to do so.

“Despite this, the action has gone ahead, and we feel that the actions of a handful of protestors have jeopardised our movement, turning public opinion against us, and creating a potential schism within our ranks. We are furious that this has happened.”

A spokesman for the group said: “It is public information that many of us didn’t support this morning’s action. However, this is a democratic organisation and groups have the freedom to act on their own.

“We’ll never blame and shame and this is an opportunity for us to stand together.”

Downing Street heavily criticised the group “unnecessary disruption” to London public transport services.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan condemned the actions as: “An unfair burden on our already over stretched police officers”.

The action is the latest in a series from the anti-climate change group, who have been banned from protesting in London.

Since last week, protesters have targeted London City Airport, shut down areas around Parliament and the Bank of England, and blockaded Google ’s HQ, with more than 1,600 people arrested.

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