Grandson gains his retired grandfather over 90,000 Instagram followers

Now THAT’S timeless style! Japanese grandfather, 84, becomes an unlikely influencer with 90K followers after his grandson overhauled his look

  • Slvr Tetsuya, 84, from Akita Prefecture, Japan, has become an Instagram star
  • He gained a viral following after his grandson styled him and set up an account
  • The retired chemistry teacher was snapped in labels like Kenzo and Burberry

An 84-year-old man has become an unlikely street style influencer after his grandson overhauled his wardrobe. 

Naoya Kudo from Akita Prefecture, Japan, spent a week snapping his grandfather Slvr Tetsuya, 84, in fashionable outfits while on holiday. 

Since posting the images on Instagram, the retired chemistry teacher has gained over 90,000 followers and has had his story shared on Bored Panda.     

The photos prove age isn’t a limitation when it comes to style, and see the pensioner clad in designer threads from Vetements, Burberry and Kenzo. 

Here, a selection of his best shots…

Retired chemistry teacher Slvr Tetsuya, 84, (pictured) from Akita Prefecture, Japan, has gained a legion of social media followers since his grandson set up his Instagram account

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Naoya Kudo was on holiday when he decided to spend a week styling his grandfather Slvr Tetsuya (pictured) in a series of trendsetting looks. Pictured, in a Burberry jumper

Slvr Tetsuya, pictured wearing Louboutin shoes paired with Kudos and Homme Plisse has received a stream of comments on his post for his style

The retired chemistry teacher, pictured wearing pieces by Issey Miyake, Heron Peston and Vetements, has gained over 90,000 Instagram followers

The viral 84-year-old, received a stream of comments comparing his aesthetic to a commercial after sharing this photo on the social media platform

Slvr Tetsuya (pictured) posed in an all black outfit complete with a studded black jacket, for ageless style in one photo posted by his grandson 

The new fashion influencer teamed 3.1 Philliplim trousers, a Subage top and Vetements accessories in another look that was praised by his Instagram followers

Slvr Tetsuya, pictured wearing luxury labels including Gucci and Kenzo, has been labelled an ‘icon’ by his growing online following 

The 84-year-old (pictured) has also set up a Tumblr account to share photos from his collaboration with his grandson 

Slvr Tetsuya, pictured modelling Vetements, Givenchy and Balenciaga campaigned against the use of pesticides in one image

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