Greggs customers left fuming after menu favourite is replaced in favour of vegan festive bake

Greggs customers are furious after a decision was made to scrap a popular menu offering in favour of a vegan festive bake.

The bakery chain has temporarily replaced their much-loved vegan Sausage, Bean and CheeZe melt with the introduction of their vegan festive bake.

Fans aren't happy with the decision, who are gutted to see the new vegan melt disappear after it only hit the shelves back in August.

The Christmas menu's festive bake was initially set to launch on November 4, but Greggs has now pushed back its launch to November 22.

This has further annoyed fans, with one complaining: "HASNT THIS YEAR DEALT US ENOUGH?"

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The festive menu's launch in November will see the return of the meat-filled festive bake, along with a new vegan version.

Despite the vegan Sausage, Bean and CheeZe melt's removal being replaced by another vegan option, the decision has divided customers' opinions.

Many have questioned why it isn't possible for both options to be available at the same time, highlighting that vegan options are already limited.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the menu changes, one user asked: "Why is it illegal for vegans to have more than one or two options at a time at different places?"

They continued: "Apparently the Greggs vegan bean melt is being discontinued, Costa's vegan toastie got booted for the facon roll… why can’t we have more than one choice?"

Another customer was upset at the decision, writing on Twitter: "If Greggs have stopped the vegan cheeze and bean melt in replace of the festive one I’ll cry.

"Why can’t vegans have more than one thing, we already had the steak bake snatched from us."

Earlier this year, Greggs discontinued its vegan steak bake after it went down a storm with its plant-based fans.

They still offer the vegan sausage roll, which has been a constant since its launch in early 2019.

The uproar surrounding the disappearance of the Sausage Bean and CheeZe Melt caused Greggs to respond, who wanted to assure their customers that it will be returning.

They wrote on Twitter: "Our Vegan Sausage Bean & CheeZe Melt is having a little break to make way for our new Vegan Festive Bake."

The statement added: "Don’t worry though, it will be back!"

Greggs' postponement of the festive bake's launch was announced yesterday via the brand's socials.

Taking to Instagram, they posted a video which showed the two festive bakes in an animation, calling it "the Festive Bake remix".

The video ended with the animated pastries on a stage in front of a red backdrop, and featured a title reading: "Now launching 22.11.21 – It'll be worth the bake"

Greggs captioned the Instagram post: "It's the Festive Bake remix! A little later than expected, but in true 2021 style. Now launching 22nd November."

This caused further frustration from impatient customers, who didn't want to wait a few extra weeks.

One wrote: "So we have to go another 3 weeks with no vegan sausage, bean and cheese melt in the mean time???? WHHHHHYYYYY?"

Another added: "Mmm k but where is the sausage bean and cheese melt, I’ve not been able to get it for a couple of months"

Whilst another agreed: "Is it some kind of sick joke you’re getting rid of the cheez bean & sausage bake over Xmas?!? Disgraceful"

However, it wasn't all doom and gloom in the comment section, as other fans were excited by the introduction, regardless of its launch date.

"You can't rush greatness", jokes one, as another shared: "This is great news, all companies should do this with Christmas stuff! December only".

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