Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Week Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, the Sun and Uranus square off. Expect the unexpected—you’re almost certain to connect with someone you didn’t plan on seeing! On Monday, Venus and Neptune have their annual opposition. This makes you way more emotional, and likely to get duped. Just keep it real—if a relationship feels weird or unbalanced, it probably is.

Mercury and Jupiter connect on Tuesday, providing you with a more optimistic outlook, and on Wednesday, Mercury enters its fav sign Virgo, making it much easier to clearly communicate with others. Also on Wednesday, Venus harmonizes with Pluto, encouraging you to make constructive transformations to your love life.

What that means for you:


It’s a busy week for you, Aries! You’re feeling bored—which makes you want to shake things up by whatever means necessary. Just try to be mindful! Instead of flirting with a stranger in front of your partner to make ’em jealous, why not pretend to be strangers yourselves? Or buy some kinky toys, or pick up some sexy lingerie. There are tons of ways to spice up your love life without causing drama, Aries!


If you’re single, be careful this weekend! You might connect with your crush or have an unforgettable hookup, but unless you and your partner are on the exact same page, there’s potential for heartbreak. So if you’d rather avoid drama, just chill at home for a few days. There’s oodles of romantic potential towards the middle of the week. When Mercury enters Virgo on Wednesday, your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone gets lit up, so new love connections are almost certainly coming your way!


You’ve been holding on to something—or someone—and it’s making it difficult for you to move on from the past. This weekend’s a dramatic one, and this past partner (or something that reminds you of them) is coming back around. Start a conversation, find a way to find closure, and leave the past in the past for good. Now you can finally start thriving in your love life again!


Learn to listen this weekend, Cancer. There’s tons happening around you, and it can get overwhelming if you try to engage with it all! Sit back, watch the drama unfold, and then when the astro-weather clears up later in the week, you can deal with things. Your partner (or an ex) may open up about an issue they have, or your boo might be ready to DTR. Don’t make any sudden decisions—take some time to think about it first. Pluto’s influence at the end of the week suggests a change in your relationship status. Let’s make sure it’s an upgrade, not a downgrade, okay?


HBD! This is the last week that Mercury is in your sign, so make the most of it! This is a perfect weekend to ask someone out, start The Talk, or upgrade your relationship in some other way—just make sure you’re not focusing solely on your own wants and needs. Relationships are all about compromise, whether it’s a first date or the LOYL.


Lately, Venus has been in your sign, turning you into a total babe magnet—but all of this Leo astro-weather in your chart’s zone of isolation has low-key been ruining the good vibes. Luckily, Mercury enters your sign this week and you can finally start enjoying your love life again! This weekend’s a lil tough if you’re just hooking up, because catching feelings for your fling is almost guaranteed, but Wednesday’s astro-weather is your luckiest day when it comes to, well, getting lucky.


Things could get real messy this weekend if you’re not careful, Libra. You love connecting with others—whether it’s a hookup, a date, a flirtationship, or a serious LTR. This week, someone sexy (maybe someone from your squad?) is crushing hard on you. If you’re interested, go for it! But you gotta be clear about your intentions— if preventable miscommunications pop up, you’ll really feel like somebody pissed in your cornflakes.


How’s your love life going, Scorpio? Uranus’ explosive influence this weekend means that a big fight could break out. Something’s not working, so try to resist the urge to scream at your partner. Instead, try to have a real conversation. You’re stubborn as hell and hate to be told you’re wrong, but a little listening goes a long way! Hear them out, apologize, kiss and make up, and then plan something fun (or sexy) to shake up your love life in a more positive way.


You’re spending all week on the job, Sagittarius, but you might notice a cute coworker! Have fun with them, but don’t expect anything more than a fun flirtationship. If you’re looking for something more serious, the end of the week is the perf time to upgrade your boo to your partner. And if you think it’s best to be single for a while, it’s also a great time to tactfully break things off.


Just because someone’s trying to trying to slide into your DMs, doesn’t mean you have to answer! You’re getting more attention than you’re used to this week, but a lot of your potential paramours are…not so great. Allow yourself to have high standards, bb. If someone won’t leave you alone, don’t hesitate to tell them to knock it off—or even block ’em. Be patient and wait for the right person—the end of the week is looking better for positive connections!


Leo season = cuffing season for your sign, so your relationships are a biiiiig focus rn. Your partner is detecting a sense of unbalance in the relationship, and you might feel like they’re distancing themselves from you. They’re not—they just don’t know how to approach the problem. Open up and show them that you’re eager to listen, Aquarius. If you wait too long, they just might blow up on you. You’re a fixed sign, so cooperating is a little challenging, a little compromise now will save you from tons of drama later in the week.


You don’t have to phone it in anymore, Pisces. You’re complex, emotional, and just a little bit weird, so being 100% genuine can be a little scary for you! But if your partner can’t handle you at 100%, then they don’t deserve you. You tons of love to give, Pisces. Look for someone who will embrace every part of you. It’s what you deserve!

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