Here’s How Migos Earn And Spend Their $80 Million Fortune

American hip hop group Migos has been rocking the world of music since they rose to prominence. The group was formed in 2008 and the three of them were close relatives. The three of them were raised together by the mother of Takeoff which happens to be the older sister of Quavo and the cousin of Offset. Since they are close in age, they grew up really close and made their trio a tight group. Prolific rapper and record producer Quavo is the one who founded the group and has since led them to success.

Despite being formed for almost nine years now, the group only started achieving music success four years after they were formed in 2017. The group has patiently waited for their success to take off and just made music while they were waiting for their big break. Now that the group has a net worth of $80 million, it’s interesting to dive into their earnings and spending through the years.

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10 Earns: Music Career

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The hip-hop group Migos was founded in 2008. Since then they went to conquer the world of music and has released four studio albums, twelve mixtapes, forty-seven singles and one EP. The trio who were hailed from Lawrenceville, Georgia is composed of three talented rappers namely Takeoff, Offset and Quavo.

Despite being formed in 2008, their career breakthrough came in 2013 after their single titled Versace peaked at the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Drake further boosted their fame after he remixed the group’s song.

9 Spends: Massive Car Collection

According to The Sun, each member of the hip-hop group has a massive car collection that is worth over $5 million collective which includes variety of luxury vehicles such as Lamborghinis, Teslas, and some vintage American cars. Offset, Takeoff and Quavo each have their own unique taste when it comes to their luxury rides.

However they have one thing in common, their vehicles possess custom colors, upgraded interiors and new rims which can add up to thousands of upgrades. Among the many cars in their collection, Takeoff was seen driving a Aston Martin Vanquish costing $400,000, the husband of Cardi B owns a Ferrari 812 Superfast valued at $350,000 and Quavo has a massive car collection and owns the fastest McLaren ever produced, McLaren 720s, which is priced at $350,000.


8 Earns: Individual Career

Despite thriving as a group, each of them also thrived in their own careers. All of them are successful as a solo artist and were recognized with their works outside the group. Each rapper has been featured as solo artists on several collaborations and tracks with other artists. All of the members have also released their own solo albums.

Quavo is the first one to release his own album titled Quavo Huncho in October 2018, then followed by Takeoff with his album The Last Rocket in November 2018 and Offset released his solo album titled Father of 4 in February 2019.

7 Spends: Good Deeds

When you have so much money, it is only fair that you give back to others. That is exactly what the husband of Cardi B does. Offset bought a car for the man who saved his life. In May 2018, Offset was involved in a car accident in Atlanta. At the time no one seems to care about his situation not until J’Mmar Coleman passed by and helped him out.

The man helped the Migos member to get out of the car and walk away from it. To show his gratefulness, Offset decided to buy a car for Coleman.


5 Earns: Tours

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Just like any other famous artists, the group also makes fortune from tours. They are also met with massive success with their touring years and the group was even named as one of the highest grossing entertainers in hip-hop music.

The group has been earning millions through the years; in 2017-2018 alone they earned about $25 million from doing 93 live shows across the country. Forbes reports that the trio earns about $150,000 per tour stop.

4 Spends: Mansions

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It’s safe to say that each member of the hip-hop trio is extremely loaded. Aside from the mansions he own, Offset is such a sweet husband enough to buy her wife an entire mansion all for herself for the birthday.

Offset is not the only one who loves giving out mansion, Quavo and the late Takeoff also bought Quavo’s mother her own mansion given on December 2017. The said purchase was kept in the family since they are all related.


2 Earns: Brand Endorsements

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With the massive success the group has achieved, it is not surprising that they closed several brand endorsement deals. The trio has since generated earnings both from group and solo deals. They have partnership deals with Beats By Dre, Champs Sports and Avianne Jewelers.

They also have business deals with Can-Am motorcycles and even launched the Can-Am Ryker three-wheel motorcycle in 2019. Migos was also featured in variety of TV commercials for the athletic footwear and apparel retailer Finish Line and the soft drink brand Mountain Dew.

1 Spends: Investments

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Technically, investments are also a way to earn but since it takes spending money and effort to earn from investments and business ventures, it is safe to categorize investment as a spending before they became a profitable business venture. Offset is a wise investor and has invested in different brands such as streaming and production company AXSD Media, e-sports organization FaZe Clan and some avatar tech company called Genies.

Quavo is also big on investing as he even bought minority stake in the athletic apparel brand called LEGENDS.

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