Here’s How Taylor Swift Made Katy Perry’s "You Need To Calm Down" Cameo Happen

Taylor Swift’s new video had a smorgasbord of celebrities in her newest music video, and in almost every scene you could spot at least one famous person. She announced her guests in a post the day before, with a promise for more celebs than the names on her list. It turns out that the "more" she was referring to was Katy Perry. And now, Taylor Swift revealed how Katy Perry’s "You Need To Calm Down" cameo happened after years of the pop stars feuding and keeping their distance.

In an interview with the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Monday, June 17, Swift talked about her public feud with Perry, noting that it’s actually been over for quite some time. "We have been on really good terms for a while. But the first time we saw each other was at this party, and it was just very clear to both of us that everything was different. That we had grown up. That we had grown past allowing ourselves to be pitted against each other," Swift said. She added that, it turns out, what seemed like a big deal in 2014, when the feud began, just didn’t seem that important anymore. "It just was really, really clear that we remembered how much we had in common. Both of us have been in a really good place for a while, but I don’t know if either of us knew if we were gonna talk about it publicly.”

Growth and time do seem to heal most wounds, and it makes sense that two major pop stars didn’t want to reopen them by telling the public they were cool with each other. It wasn’t until she was working on the "You Need To Calm Down" music video that Swift decided to reach out. “When I thought of this concept for the video and I wrote the treatment, I thought, ‘I’m just gonna ask her if she’d be interested in this, but I would be totally fine if she’d rather keep it private,’" she said. "But I sent her a long synopsis of the entire video and she was like, ‘I would love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness!’”

As for who came up with the coordinating burger and fries costumes, Swift revealed that Perry’s iconic Met Gala after party look is actually what inspired it. “I didn’t think of the burger and fries costume until she wore the burger to the Met Gala after party and I was like, ‘That is amazing,’" Swift said. "I kept thinking… we are gonna have this moment in the video… and if it’s us wearing normal clothes and hugging, it won’t really fit." And that’s when lightning struck. "I was like, ‘Can we do a a burger and fries as metaphor for two people who belong together? And people who are a perfect pair?’" Swift recounted. "And she thought it was really funny! So we did it.”

Today, Swift and Perry are officially beef-free, according to Perry’s Twitter, so they’re eatin’ good from now on.

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