Here's How to Survive a Scorpio

Hey, it’s me, a Scorpio, here to tell you that Scorpio season has arrived—and that we are the BEST sign of the zodiac­­. Sure, we have a bad rap for being vengeful (and it’s true we never forget!), possessive (we do L-O-V-E what we love), and sexual AF (wait, is this a bad thing?).

But there is a method to our madness, and we’re never going to BS you because we push for the ~deepest~ connections. Basically, we’re worth any sting, and it’s not so hard to successfully coexist with us….(I won’t forget to tell you “I told you so” later.)

Avoid playing games

“I admire the loyal friendship and love of a Scorpio, but they are also ruthless and will destroy your life if you piss them off,” says Bri Luna, founder and creative director of the website The Hoodwitch. The best and easiest way to hold a Scorpio’s affection is to be honest with them. “They don’t have room in their hearts for fake relationships,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust.

Be vulnerable

“Scorpios forgive, believe, and trust only those who are willing to evolve with them,” says Stardust. “Don’t rush their emotions. They are very sensitive and will understand you with compassion as long as you’re open.”

Don’t be extra

Scorpios will cut you out if you bring drama. “If you’re upset with them, express yourself
simply by summarizing your feelings in one sentence,” says Stardust.

Build trust

Scorpios are ride-or-dies who will always have your back…so long as the trust is mutual (ICYMI, we have sliiight trust issues). “While they may not always agree with you, they will defend you once you earn a place in their hearts,” says Stardust.

Skip the small talk…

As I said, this sign likes to go deep—you may find yourself confessing your biggest secrets to a Scorp on a first date. “That will probably make them even more attracted to you,” says tarot reader and color-magic practi­tioner Sarah Potter.

…but don’t push them to spill their own tea. (Sorry!)

“Scorpios are naturally secretive,” says psychic and Witch Doctorate podcast host Renée Watt. “If you pump them for information, they may think you’re prying. Watch out for their stinger if they feel like they need to protect themselves.”

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