Here’s How Tom Holland Earns & Spends His $18 Million Fortune

Tom Holland began learning hip-hop at a dance school at a young age, and his talent was noticed for potential roles. After training for two years, he made his musical debut, receiving critical and commercial acclaim. In 2011, Holland made his Hollywood debut as a voice actor, lending his vocals to Studio Ghibli’s English version of Arrietty. He performed as a supporting and lead actor in projects before landing the role of a lifetime as MCU and Sony’s Spider-Man. The actor became the youngest performer in the MCU and signed a six-movie deal to portray the character. Since then, Holland has become a global superstar and booked commercial roles that have helped him garner $18 million.

Through movie paychecks and brand endorsements, Tom Holland has earned millions and started serving as an Executive Producer to gain returns. The actor spends his fortune on growing his non-profit and switching to electric cars. Let’s look at how Tom Holland earns and spends his millions.

8 Earns: Musical

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When attending a hip-hop dance school, a talent agent from the Royal Ballet School noticed Holland’s knack for dancing and asked him to audition and become a part of Billy Elliot: The Musical. According to The Guardian, after being selected, he was trained for two years in tap, acrobatic lessons, and tap before making his debut in 2008 in the supporting role of Billy’s friend Michael. Soon after, he received the opportunity to star in London’s West End production as the lead Billy Elliot.

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7 Spends: Real Estate

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Tom Holland lived with his parents during the initial years of his career but moved out of the family home after earning a sizable income. He purchased a home in London not more than five minutes from his childhood home. During the lockdown, fans got a glimpse into his abode as he gave talk-show interviews from his home. He lived in the house with three roommates, which included his brothers.

6 Earns: Acting Portfolio

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Once his musical journey in Billy Elliot ended in 2010, Holland switched to movies making his voice acting debut in Studio Ghibli’s Arrietty. He then starred in supporting roles in drama films such as How I Live Now, The Impossible, and In The Heart Of The Sea. The world was introduced to Holland as the new Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War before his solo movie was released a year later. The film was a smashing success making upwards of $1 billion worldwide and earning him a $500,000 paycheck, as noted by The Sun. He reportedly received a $1.5 million bonus later and made $4 million for the film’s sequel.

5 Spends: Non-Profit Foundation

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After coming into the global light after his role as Spider-Man, Tom Holland’s family decided to capitalize on his popularity to help the world. His parents founded a non-profit in 2017 called The Brothers Trust, wherein his entire family, including his brothers, collaborate on projects. The organization helps up-and-coming non-profits who often get overshadowed due to the larger charities. They have supported local charities like Momentum, Artists For Africa, and The Lunchbowl Network.

4 Earns: Brand Endorsements

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Over the last two years, Tom Holland’s style has evolved in a transformative way since making Law Roach his stylist and taking Zendaya’s assistance. After wearing a dashing Prada suit for Spider-Man: No Way Home, the actor has been cast as a star in the fashion house’s Spring 2022 campaign. The collection’s theme is In The Mood For Prada and showcases Holland playing with the cameras as he strikes poses in different outfits.

3 Spends: Vacations

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Tom Holland has enjoyed winding down with a vacation after every project and even travels around his set locations during a free day. As mentioned by Elle, he flew to Santa Barbara with Zendaya to celebrate the Fourth of July intimately. The couple even visited Paris during Fashion Week and trended on the internet after seeing the Louvre.

2 Earns: Executive Producer

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Tom Holland took on a new role as an Executive Producer for his 2021 action-adventure film Uncharted. The film was developing for years before production began, with Holland starring as the lead character Nathan Drake alongside Mark Wahlberg’s Victor Sullivan. The film was made on a $120 million budget and was pushed around for a release date due to the pandemic. It remains the fifth highest-grossing video game film with a collection of $401.7 million.

1 Spends: Car Collection

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A true gearhead, Tom Holland has curated a stunning collection of luxury cars in his collection, which features several Audi supercars and a few new additions. Since working with Audi for his movies as Spider-Man, the actor has added Audi Q7 )$55,800), Audi RS7 ($114,000), Audi RS7 Sportback ($118,500), and Audi R8 ($155,500) to his collection. He went electric in 2021 and purchased a Porsche Taycan Turbo S ($185,000) after visiting the automaker’s facility in Stuttgart, Germany, as stated by Auto Evolution. The same year, he bought a Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge ($440,000).

Tom Holland has continued to grow his career since his musical days and has taken on roles that have made him a worldwide superstar. Along with playing the coveted role of Peter Parker, he also works with notable directors in independent films to showcase his range. He will next be starring in an Apple TV+ anthology series, The Crowded Room.

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