Holby City review with spoilers: Isaac rips Dom and Lofty apart

There were points in tonight’s Holby City when I honestly wondered whether Isaac (Marc Elliott) was actually a reformed character and not the baddy we think he is. This is what Isaac does – he gets in your head and messes with it, and the only way you can tell he’s got you is when he smiles that ‘job done’ smile – like he did right at the end of this episode when Dominic (David Ames) said to him, ‘Don’t go.’

Lofty (Lee Mead) had been Isaac’s target for most of the day. With Isaac’s father Jon (Geoff Leesley) still on AAU, Lofty found himself working with Jon quite a lot and Isaac took every opportunity to wind him up. He even managed to get Lofty to let him join in with a procedure despite being struck off. ‘He compromised you and you didn’t even notice,’ Dom said furiously. ‘That’s what he does.’ Of course Dominic is already compromised for not telling anyone that Isaac has been using his GMC number to write prescriptions. What Dom can see happening with Lofty he’s incapable of seeing when it comes to himself.

At one point Dominic had gone to Albie’s to get drunk and then came back to the department to make amends with Lofty, but he saw Lofty sitting on the stairs with Isaac – and Isaac had his arm around him. Dom stormed off, Lofty went after him and Dom lashed out, hitting Lofty in the face. Lofty retaliated with a punch. An even harder blow was Lofty telling Dominic, ‘You don’t need me like you needed him.’ This is also what Isaac does – he projects a warped version of ‘love’ that involves pain and dependence to anyone vulnerable enough to be taken in by it.

For kindness, compassion and real love we must turn with some relief to Sacha (Bob Barrett), who was learning French to impress girlfriend Patricia (Sirine Saba). Keller patient o’ the week was drag queen Misty Kisschase, better known to Essie (Kaye Wragg) as alter-ego Lawrence Conway (Stefan Bednarczyk). Lawrence runs the adoption agency where Essie has applied to adopt a child.

Sacha was so concerned about Essie that he was completely distracted during the nice lunch that Patricia had provided in his office. Essie told him it was okay to talk to Patricia about her adopting, because if he trusts Patricia then so does she. Lawrence talked to Sacha about losing his partner, who’d been the one who created the character of Misty. Lawrence kept being Misty as a way to stay connected with him. This conversation perhaps enabled Sacha to see how he truly felt about Patricia, and he told her he’s falling ‘a little bit in love’ with her. And she feels the same. Bless!

‘Are you well? You’re looking a little pale,’ Hanssen (Guy Henry) said to Jac (Rosie Marcel). ‘I’m a redhead,’ she said. ‘I’ve always been pale.’ She was looking even paler than usual though, and the reason was that she had a terrible hangover (‘I’m not ill! I’m so ill’) after her night out with medical equipment salesman Ken (Hamish Clark). She couldn’t quite remember what had happened, but as it turned out it wasn’t very much – Ken is teetotal and Jac spent the evening mainly talking about Emma.

She also talked about Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw), apparently, but if she still has feelings for him she’d better get a move on, as he and Ange (Dawn Steele) were getting very friendly indeed in this episode.

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