Hospital closed to visitors due to winter vomiting bug norovirus outbreak

A hospital has been forced to close its doors to visitors after being struck with an outbreak of nasty novovirus.

Bosses at Dewsbury Hospital in Yorkshire say they have had to do it to protect patients from the spread of winter-related illnesses.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said the decision had not been taken lightly but she said the most important thing was to protect patients, particularly elderly ones, reports Examiner Live .

She said: "We restricted visits across all three sites to minimise the risk of spreading the virus and yesterday we took the decision to close Dewsbury Hospital to visitors.

"We are keeping it under constant review on an hour-by-hour basis."

The spokeswoman said anyone who has diarrhoea and flu symptoms should be encouraged to leave their hospital visits to another time when they have recovered from them.

National statistics published on November 21 suggested that norovirus rates are 26 per cent higher than this time last year.

On Thursday it was reported that hospitals in England closed more than 1,100 beds in the past week because of the winter vomiting bug norovirus.

NHS officials urged people with the virus not to go to work and parents not to send children with it to school, until 48 hours after symptoms have gone.

Anyone wanting to find out the latest should visit the hospital's website or check social media.

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