How Did the 'RHONY' Ladies Mess with Ramona Singer in Miami?

The women of The Real Housewives of New York City may have finally gotten their “revenge” on Ramona Singer in Miami. Singer has constantly ditched the ladies for what seems to be more attractive plans.

While the ladies are often taken aback and call her out for blowing them off, there is nothing more they could do than just express their displeasure with her behavior. But finally, they have their chance to show her that blowing off friends doesn’t always work in your favor while vacationing in Miami.

During the trip, Singer ditched the group for “peace and quiet” instead of visiting iconic urban graffiti area Wynwood Walls. Singer claimed she needed quiet before the party that evening where both her date and ex-husband Mario would be attending. The women seemed annoyed but ultimately were the ones delivering the stinger to Singer.

The women keep getting left behind

Singer is in sassy form this season. She ditches cast members on more than one occasion. First, she invited Dorinda Medley to attend a charity event with her. But she then changed her seating arrangement for someone else.

Next, she gushed about a birthday party thrown in her honor–that none of the RHONY cast members are invited to attend. In both instances, cameras catch Singer in the act of actively leaving her friends out for another group of ladies.

Sonja Morgan isn’t fooled by this behavior. “I’ve been with Ramona since we were younger,” Morgan said in The Real Housewives of New York City After Show. “And she thinks these new friends are going to get her someplace. And I feel she’s gonna be right back with me in the end.” She added that Singer may be thinking she is going to break into certain social circles now, “But it doesn’t work that way.”

No art for you

During the Wynwood Walls tour, the women were simply delighted to receive expensive artwork from not just one, but two major artists.

Luann de Lesseps’ artist friend Peter Tunney was basically taking thousands of dollars of his art from the walls and displays and giving it to each lady. Tinsley Mortimer was especially jazzed to receive an Andy Warhol inspired soup can that she will use as a purse.

Next stop is at artist Romero Britto’s shop. Frankel has a signature Swarovski crystal heart sculpture valued at $8,000 for each lady. When Britto notices one lady is missing, the ladies respond. “Ramona,” de Lesseps exclaims. “No, no, she doesn’t get a gift, she isn’t here,” Frankel says.

Maybe Singer should have taken door number one instead

Singer learns that maybe blowing off friends doesn’t always pay off later at the party. She’s simply giddy that both her ex and date are in attendance. So Morgan decides to mess with Singer’s bliss and call her out in front of Mario. “Ramona has a date tonight, but he knows you are here,” Morgan says to Mario as Singer squirms. He seems pretty interested as his ex-wife giggles and denies it. In a confessional, Singer admits maybe she wanted to make her ex jealous.

But the funniest moment of the evening comes when Medley decides to make a toast at the party. She goes into detail about their journey earlier in the day. She thanks de Lesseps for bringing the women to Tunney’s gallery. “He was literally taking art off the walls and giving it to us,” Medley remarks. Then Medley adds Frankel arranged to have sculptures made by Britto too.

Singer is seen wincing during Medley’s entire speech. Medley expresses that “hundreds of thousands of dollars of art were just handed to us,” as she looks in Singer’s direction. Singer looks floored saying how she can’t believe she missed out on art. “If you are going to play bigger, better deal, you are going to miss out on some special treasures,” Frankel concluded.

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